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Hong Kong to allow its vaccinated citizens stranded in Nepal to return home

By Birat Anupam, SUNSARI:- Hong Kong Government has agreed to allow its vaccinated citizens trapped in Nepal to return home. Hong Kong had ceased its regular flights to Nepal since May. Hong Kong had enlisted Nepal among the extremely risky nations with the COVID-19 pandemic.
According to the immediate past chair of Hong Kong Nepalese Federation and the In-charge of Nepalese Service Center, Rita Gurung, Hong Kong Government has agreed to allow vaccinated Hong Kong ID Card holders Nepali expats trapped in Nepal. Previously, Hong Kong Government had denied entry of its citizens despite vaccinated in Nepal.
Gurung said the discussion held at East Wing Central of Hong Kong Government’s Food and Health Bureau between Hong Kong Government officials and leaders of Nepali expat community has decided to this effect. Gurung said the returning days would start from September 15. However, for being eligible for this scheme, one needs to undergo two COVID-19 tests within 72 hours and must be proven free from COVID-19.
”The 21-day-long quarantine at a hotel is mandatory for returnees”, said Gurung, ”However, dependents of Hong Kong ID holders are still restricted to enter.” Gurung said they are doing their best for the entry of dependents. Dr. Chui Tak Yi, the chief of the Food and Health Bureau, has taken the demand positively.
According to Hong Kong Nepalese Federation, around one thousand Hong Kong citizens are stranded in Nepal. They had flown to Nepal for their familial and business chores.
Nepali expats in Hong Kong had collectively helped Nepal in times of pandemic by donating oxygen concentrators and other vital medical equipment. In the first week of July, 100 oxygen concentrators were airlifted to Nepal. Hong Kong Nepalese Federation is also lobbying for visa for domestic help in Hong Kong. RSS

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