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Gyanendra stands warned to stop from conspiring any further

N24, KATHMANDU: Gyanendra Shah could be carted off to jail if he does not stop from conspiring against the gifted republican order.

This has come from prime minister Madhav Kumar Nepal while addressing a function organized by Nepal Intellectual Council in Lalitpur on Saturday.

Gyanendra will be put behind the bars if he does not stop his reactionary activities, claimed Nepal.

We have only replaced Nepal Army by Armed Police Force for his personal security, if he continues with his illegal activities then his rest of the facilities too will be rolled back, Nepal said.

“He will be put behind the bars,” reiterated Nepal but did not disclose what sort of conspiracy the former King was hatching against the “India gifted republican order” to which Madhav Nepal too was a party while the import was being materialised.

Meanwhile in an interview with Kantipur Daily, Nepal also made it clear that his party will not join the present government under any circumstances.

“The issues that could be difficult to resolve would be state restructuring and governance model”, held Nepal and continued, “Within a sitting or two parties will resolve disputes and settle the issue”, he has been quoted by Kantipur.

Meanwhile it many be recalled Nepal had quietly sneaked into Lucknow, India on November 2003, to meet Prachanda in Delhi. He had jumped out of the circle when Gyanendra declined to name him prime minister after 2002.
He had howover in 2002 lauded Gyanendra for his fine qualities and role played by Nepali monarchy in institutionalizing democracy in the country. Nepal had also filled up a customary request letter dated 2 June 2003 to the King appealing for his appointment as the country’s prime minister.

Five months after the former King did not heed to his demand, Nepal suddenly turned anti-monarchy and straight headed to Lucknow.

Nepal had headed to Lucknow after addressing his cadres in Nepalgunj, analysts recall. It was this meet of the two (Nepal-Dahal) that had primarily exposed the Indian regime for providing shelter to the Nepal Maoists.

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