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Guru Gorakhnath: At the time of Creation

According to Hathayoga Prakaran of Marjandeyan Puran, Hathayoga is divided into two groups. Of that, the first part is related with Lord Machchindranath and Gorakshyanath, and the other part,, while citing names like Chirayu and Markandeya, mentions about Siddhartha, Buddhanath etc. From this citation we can get some information about relation between Guru Gorakshyanath and Budhha.

During the time of Creation, when lord Bishnu was in a deep sleep on the water, a huge flower of lotus emerged from the naval area of lord Bishnu. This lotus was enormous. On the flower appeared Brahmaji from the blessing of Adinath. After his manifestation, Brahmaji in his curiosity reached the place of Lord Bishnu. The two then engaged in an argument: who among them was omnipotent, Brahmaji or Bishnu? Who was Guru, Brahmaji or Bishnu? The two entered in a fight over it. At the end, a broad beam of light without the beginning and the end appeared from Omkar Adinath. Omkar is the Form of OM. OM is the divine spiritual sound. Both Brahmaji and Lord Bishnu were surprised to see such a light extending from this end to that. They became curious and decided to find out what it was. Lord Bishnu entered into the light and moved downward towards hell (Patal). Brahmaji entered in it and moved upward towards heaven. Despite their long travel, both of them failed to find its end and know what it was. Failed and echausted, they returned to the place from where they started the journey. Their peace of mind had vanished. They were all shaken up and were furious as well. Then Omkar Adinath manifested in his divine Nath form, that is, theform of child Gorakshya. On seeing this divine enlightened form of Gorakshya, on sseing his fierce log-fire, both Brahmaji and Lord Bishnu became quiet and calm, and turned ecstatic. They requested Adinath to take this form of Gorakshya forever and returned to their respective seats, that is, Lord Bishnu seasted himself on Sheshnag (Sheshnag is a thousand-mothed serpent on which Lord Bishnu rests in Kshir Ocean) and Brahmaji went back to sit down on the Lotus.Thenceforth, Lord Gorakshya gave them the knowledge of Mahayoga, answered their questions and silenced their curiosity. On their request, Gorakshyanath accepted both of them as his disciples and initiated them. He also gave them the water and ash from the Gorakh log-fire to create the world and run it in a systematic way. From the same ash Brahmaji created the world and became the Creator. From Guru Gorakshyanath, Lord Bishnu got the responsibilities of nourshing the creation and sustaining it. Thus, Guru Gorakshyanath accepted Brahma and Bishnu as his disciples and established Brahmaji as Satyanth and Bishnu as Santoshnath in the Nath community.

A narration of Satya epoch is mentioned in Gorakshya Geeta, whoch goes as follow: Once the king of heaven, Indra, disrespected the guru of gods, Brihaspati. Indra was forced to quit the Heaven. He further landed into still deeper problems due to the killing of a Brahmin. Unable to bear the pain, Indrayeni – wife of Indra – prayed to Guru Brihaspati and requested him to protect her wife-virtues. Accepting her prayer, Guru of gods Brihaspati then requested Lord Shree Shiva GOrakshya to save them (Indra and Indrayeni) from their unhappiness, problems. Guru Gorakshya then related to Indra the way out of the problem and salvaged him.

According to a citation of Gorakshya Geeta:

Vaisampaayan maseenam-
Uvacha janamejayah
Geetam Gorakshyanathasya,
Kathayaswa mahamune.
Suracharya! Shrinu twom cha
Gyanaheenam brihachachhokam-
Bhedayuktam tu shankitam.

Asking the reason of tragedy of the king of gods, Shreenath, thereafter, told Brihaspati the solution of his problems and freed him from his worries.
Likewise, it is written that in Treta epoch Guru Gorakhnath appeared in Dwarvati region of Gorakhpur and sat himself in a deep meditation. The proof of Guru Gorakhnath sitting beside an enflaming log-fire and performing meditation in Gorakhpur in Treta epoch in still available. It is believed that the never subsiding fire at the log-fire in Gorakhpur has continued since that period and thousands of people still travel to Gorakhpur to behold this log-fire. There are citations that Guru Gorakhnath manifested in front of Lord Ramachandra at the bank of Rapti River, and blessed and bequeathed him. It is also said that Lord Ramchandra had received blessings from Guru Gorakhnath while performing Aswamedha Yagyan. He also initiated Shree Ramachandra, Laxman and Hanuman, and conferred to them the divine knowledge of salvation path.

Guru Gorakhnath in Dwapar Epoch
In Dwapar epoch, Guru Gorakhnath had appeared in places like Junagadh, Prabhaspattan, Gorakhmadi. The place where he meditated is located on Mount Raivatak. Gorakhmadi is a divine pilgrimage where the marriage ceremony of Lord Krishna and Rukmini was held. Gods, rishis and even lord Krishna had prayed, worshipped and praised Guru Gorakhnath there. During the engagement of Lord Krishna and Rukmini, Guru Gorakhnath had tied u bracelets of Rukmini. At the end of the epoch, he showed the road of salvation to five Pandavas through yogic means in the Himalayas.

In Kali epoch, Guru Gorakhnath appeared in Gorakh Hatti of Peshawar district, taught the people about his welfare path and advised the people to take the spiritual path of Yoga. He appeared in different places and disclosed the great path of fulfillment to his worshippers and disciples. He made Ratannath his disciple in Dang district of Nepal and showered blessings to many kings of Nepal and India. It is believed that Guru Gorakhnath can appear and shower his blessings anytime.

Guru Gorakhnath in the Eyes of Muslim
None of the religions, cults and communities has remained aloof from the mammoth and expansive personality of Shree Shree Mahayogi Guru Goraknath. They all have expressed their deep reverence ad worship to him in their own wary. It is up to the historians to say how much did they understood and accommodated this fact in their effort to delineate Guru Gorakhnath. But the then society revolting under the drama of Gorakshya had completely laide itself down on his feet. It was the religion then for the societies to express their reverence to him and follow the path he showed. Therefore, all the organs of the society had embraced him with open heart.The author of ‘Davistan’ has written some contexts of Guru Gorakhnath, which Kalyani Mallik has also cited in the book.

According to this write-up, Guru Gorakhnath has been recognized as the god-father of Mohammad and also the teacher of Mohammad who taught and initiated him. It says Muslim name of Guru Gorakshya was ‘Reen Hazi’. It is written that Gorakshyanath is identified in Sindh province as ‘JamilShah’.
Guru Gorakshyanath blended Vedas of Hindu and Kateb of Muslim- something which only the great spiritual yogi of divine stature can do. Therefore, the greatness of the divine soul, Mahayogi of divine stature can neither be comprehended nor explained by looking at incidences through the means lens of Hindu-Muslim community. Progress,, prosperity and development of soul cannot be attained by limiting oneself to a given religion, cult or community. It is possible only through simple techniques taught by the divine Guru. Muslims also have admitted this fact and have expressed a deep respect to Guru Gorakhnath.

Guru Gorakhnath in the Eyes of Budhhists
Glory of Guru Gorakhnath existed in its own way even before the era of Lord Buddha. Siddhartha Gautam too never disclosed the name of his Guru. Lord Buddha is actually incarnation of Lord Bishnu and disciple of Lord Guru Gorakshya. We have determined this truth through our spiritual reasearches says late Guru Shivashaktinath in one of his book.

Similary, with the growth of Budhhism, Guru Gorakhnath also removed anomalies existing in the Budhhism. According to Hathayoga Prakaran of Marjandeyan Puran, Hathayoga is divided into two groups. Of that, the first part is related with Lord Machchindranath and Gorakshyanath, and the other part,, while citing names like Chirayu and Markandeya, mentions about Siddhartha, Buddhanath etc. From this citation we can get some information about relation between Guru Gorakshyanath and Budhha.

There is a high degree of uniformity in the path shown by Lord Buddha and the path preached by Guru Gorakhnath.Just as there are eighty-four Naths in the Nath community, there are eighty-four Siddhas in the Buddhism. Inclusion of names of Guru Gorakhnath Guru Matsyendranath and other Nath yogis in this list of eighty-four siddhas also proves that Buddhist Siddhas were actually Nath Yogis. Likewise, name of Bouddhanath, which has suffix of Nath community attached to the name, and naming of Swoyambhu as Swoyambhunath also shed light on the raltionship of Guru Gorakhnath with the Buddhist religion.

As a whole, Guru Gorakshyanath had first appeared in Nepal on Baishak Purnima, that is, the full moon day of Baishak(which falls in the month of April of English calendar). Lord Buddha had also taken the birth on the same day, attained the position of Buddha- the enlightened one- on the same day and also attained Mahaparinirvana- entered in eternal Samadhi- on the same day. This is an exemplary instance of a lively Guru-Disciple tradition.

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