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Great Political Betrayal In Nepal – Since 2006- 2014

By Dirgha Raj Prasai : In Nepal, since 2006, Nepali Congress (NC), UML and UCPN (Maoist) leaderships had betrayed the Nepalese unity, identities-the Hindu Kingdom and constitutional monarchy. No one can succeed by breaking the agreement. On 24, April, 2006, the uprising came to a stop after an agreement was reached between the monarchy, NC and UML and Maoist included. The agitators were pleading for monarchy as an alternative force in times of crisis. An agreement was reached to reinstate the House of Representatives, which was dissolved under NC recommendation four years ago, although the monarchy did not posses the right to reinstate it. The monarchy reinstated the parliament and appointed Girija Prasad Koirala to the post of premiership. The king himself in the royal palace premises gave the oath of office ceremony of Prime Minister. Gradually, the agreement reached with the king was broken and the royal institution attacked, which is a work of huge betrayal. A political agreement- 24 April, 2006 was a political betrayal.

Dr. Rambhakta Thakur says-’It is not an unlikely proposition, isn’t it? The King resurrected a dead parliament. The parliament then declared the country secular and did away with the Institution, which gave it a new lease of life. Was it a constitutional step? If there is nothing constitutional then where is democracy? It was not the mandate of the revived parliament to do whatever it preferred. It was at best just an interim set-up. How can an interim set-up take such revolutionary decisions that have vast political ramifications? A political system in itself cannot be good or bad. We need good leaders to operate the system properly and effectively. After all, who does not want total freedom and total liberation? In that sense, advent of Republican order is not bad either. Here, I am not saying that Britain, Japan, Spain and Norway with Monarchical system have no freedom or liberation. Britain with monarchy has the reputation of being mother of parliamentary democracy – (Telegraph Nepal, 21 Apr.2010)

But, after one month of agreement reached with the monarchy in 2006, under the grand design of Indian investigative wing ‘RAW’, under the pretext of parliamentary declaration, the monarchy’s rights were slashed unconstitutionally on 18 May, 2006. Then anti nationalist points as secularism was approved. Before the ink of the declaration approved on 18 May dried, interim constitution was declared without taking monarchy and the people into account. Republic was declared. What can be more shameful than this? No one will gain victory by trying to achieve it forcefully. Solution cannot be found by force. Establishing authoritarianism will not be the mandate of the uprising. It is a straight betrayal.

None of the leaders of political parties possess the right to attack conventional norms. Foreigners are gaining the opportunity to intervene directly due to Girija of NC, Madhav Nepal of UML and Prachanda and Baburam Bhattarai of Maoist. Indian investigative wing ‘RAW’ wants to use Nepali leaders to end Nepal Army’s existence after the republic. As per ‘RAW’ ambition, Maoist is adopting a strategy to weaken court, Nepal Army and security sources. It wants to capture state power and becoming a cause of nation’s disintegration. Solution cannot be found by threatening with weapons, murdering some, surrounding and seizure.

The very nonsense anti-nationalist proposal was that NC and UML leaders supported the UNMIN idea to provide equal status for Maoist army and Nepal Army, which is their big crime. NC and UML leader agreed to hand over the key and Maoist weapons under Maoist protection by seeing a danger from Nepal Army. Is it not treason, a desire to keep two separate armies in the nation? Everyone is taking its toll. What kind of avenging decision is it that the national army should remain in the barrack under UNMIN recommendation and not take in new recruits? The Constituent Assembly (CA) is related with the lopsided 1950 treaty and Delhi agreement designed as an illegitimate conspiracy to disable Nepal. The process is continuing till date. The Constituent Assembly and the republic are an Congress (I) gift to legitimately annihilate Nepal’s existence on basis of republic, secularism and ethnic federal states. Congress (I) and its RAW had fuelled Madhesi agitation and ‘One Madhes One State’ was designed to disintegrate Nepal.
Nepal follows the beckoning gestures of its enemies like former Indian ambassadors Shyam Saran, KB Rajan, Rakesh Sood, Jayanta Prasad and the present ambassador Ranajit Rea and the so-called RAW strategist-S.D Muni and Ashok Mehata. How shameful is this? Like Lendup Dorje was fuelled to eat Sikkim, NC, UML and Maoist including the corrupt Madhesi are being fuelled to end Nepal identity. It is Indian grand design. In politics past, present and future seam where truth cannot be stepped on. Nepali leaders have shunned past and future but only tried to enjoy the present in the capacity of ‘RAW’ agents. But, it is a matter of happiness, since May 2014, Congress (I) Sonia Gandhi’s regime has ended and the Hindu nationalist party-BJP is in power. It is very hopeful that the BJP party and Modi Govt. will consider to end the nefarious design of Congress (I) and RAW which was imposed against Nepal. We Nepalese people respectfully suggest to the Prime Minister of India, the Hon. Narendra Modi to decide all about the conspirator roles of South Block and RAW proposing to restore the constitutional monarchy and Hindu Kingdom in Nepal.
The nation’s future seems dark because they have walked as directed by foreign beckons without studying Nepal’s geographical reality and sensitivity. These corrupt people drained the state coffer yesterday, and today also these are the very ones. Nepal will not become firm without punishing them. The treasures of politics are known to be agreement, statements and public speeches. But do their statements, agreements and public speeches hold any recognition? They follow and do what RAW and South Block employees tell them to do. They have been revealed as foreigners’ porters. Still I appeal to these leaders that have transformed from opportunists to reactionaries, do not die with the disgrace of a tag of a traitor, and think about our nation and its future. The Nepalese party leaders should have to realize that the BJP government never supports the Congress (I)’s design against the Hindu identities and constitutional monarchy in Nepal.
The main issue is that what did the 24, April, 2006 agreement focused on? What was the reason to break the 24, April, 2006 (11 Baishak, 2063 Bs) agreements? No one can establish by violating agreement. All the parties including Nepali Congress, UML and Maoist should shun the path of treason and come to agreement bearing the king and in precondition that the past mistakes and illegitimacy would not be repeated. When nationality rolls down hill it is hard to contain it. It is easy to destroy but hard to create. When our norms and values end then Nepal’s existence will end. Royal Institution is the official knot that can tie Nepalese of this small nation located between two big nations. The Constituent Assembly can’t give the solution. The leaders can’t format the constitution with consensus from CA.
So, there must be restored the unchangeable point of 1990 constitution-the constitutional monarchy and Hindu Kingdom in Nepal, Then the CIA, EU will return and China also will back, feeling its security from the imperialistic power that are active to break China in the name of free-Tibet. If monarchy is not in Nepal, China comes in Nepal with communistic equipments to fight against the CIA, EU. That is China’s compulsion. Then, Nepal and India both countries can’t secure. If monarchy is in Nepal, China feels its security and returns. So, monarchy is the identified symbol to maintain balance between China and India. So, in the presence of monarchy, political parties and nationalist forces including the army, police and court and various organs of the nation should active to form the all party cabinet and then the path should be searched with everyone’s agreement to save the nation.

For Indian tourists travelling by land:- 72 hours (-ve) C-19 report, CCMC form and Antigen Test at entry point

For Indian tourists travelling by land:- 72 hours (-ve) C-19 report, CCMC form and Antigen Test at entry point

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