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Govt urges public not to go after rumour but verify information

KATHMANDU: The government has urged one and all to not go after rumour but instead verify the information relating to COVID-19 with the Health Ministry. The government made such appeal again in view of rumour created in social networking sites on various aspects of the coronavirus.

Director General at Department of Health Service, Mahendra Prasad Shrestha reminded, “Misinformation creates panic. Spread of factual information is the need of hour. We provide information from time to time. But the media too need to spread authentic news.” Shrestha further said wrong information creates negative impact on public psychology.

Proper research and test are carried out to prevent the entry of the disease.
Nepal currently has no case of coronavirus. Those coming to Nepal from China too are normal.

Similarly, senior health administrator at the Department, Dr Hemant Ojha appealed to everyone not to believe that turmeric, garlic, alcohol cures COVID-19. These things have no relation at all with the coronavirus though it is good for consumption. “We request all not to follow rumours but to remain well informed with preparedness. Even the news on use of mask as ultimate thing to stay away from it is wrong, he added.

If the things used during sneezing, coughing is reused by other there is chance of transmission. So, sanitation and personal hygiene is most important to prevent the disease. The infection of the COVID-19 is severe mostly in old age people.

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