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Govt policy and program are basis for good-governance and prosperity: PM Oli

KATHMANDU: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has claimed that the government’s policy and program for the fiscal year 2019/20 would serve as a basis for good governance and prosperity to the country. PM Oli said so while responding to the queries posed by the parliamentarians on the government’s upcoming policy and program in today’s meeting of the National Assembly.

Stating that the new result-oriented policy and program was brought to upgrade the living standard of the people from the lower strata of the society, Prime Minister Oli viewed that the current fiscal year had laid a basis year for development. President Bidya Devi Bhandari on May 3 had presented the government’s policy and program for the fiscal year 2019/20 in the joint session of both the houses of the Federal Parliament. Since then deliberation on the same has been ongoing in both houses.

He assured that the government in its annual policy and program had paid attention to education, employment, housing program, and management of stranded citizens. Noting the need of social networking sites, the PM said that the government had a clear policy about putting in place an appropriate provision for ensuring smooth connectivity with both-India and China by developing physical infrastructure, waterways and railways.

According to him, the government had also underscored modernization and commercialization of agriculture, development of industrial areas, excavation of minerals, senior citizens allowances and employment opportunities. The Prime Minister clarified that government was effortful to attract foreign investment and capital as he argued that development works could not be expedited with the use of labor and capital alone.

He pledged to fulfill the responsibility of social justice, equality, social responsibility based on equality. Expressing concern over the repeated attack on the prestigious institution of President, the PM urged those attackers to quit such wrong mentality.

PM Oli said the government was effortful to implement the laws formulated to enforce fundamental rights enshrined in our constitution. He said it was wrong to blame that the upcoming policy and program was tacit about implementing fundamental rights.

Reaffirming that the government was committed to making the National Human Rights Commission more able and eloquent to safeguard human rights in the country, the PM assured that government was aware about safeguarding rights of the media and media persons.

Claiming that government had been moving ahead working in favor of citizens, he clarified that there was only one government in the country while provincial government and local government were functioning as a part of the federal government. PM Oli said, “Provincial government and local government are not separate and independent government. Local laws could not be made overseeing the federal and provincial laws.”

As for constructing inter-provincial marine diversion, Oli said, “Sunkoshi marine drive will be constructed at any cost. There should be irrigation facilities for the bare lands of province no 2. Province no 3 cannot afford to deny providing water for the diversion project. We should resolve the issue through talks.”

Asked about incumbent government’s role in the scams in wide-body aircraft, gold smuggling and Balutwar land encroachment, PM Oli clarified that these wrongdoings were not committed by the incumbent government and emanated from the anomalies of the past. On blaming the incumbent government’s involvement in Baluwatar land scam, he said, “Until a probe ascertains the real culprits on this scam, none should accuse anyone.”

Saying that new policy and programme had included issues as nationality and sovereignty, PM Oli said that incumbent government was active in further enhancing ties with the neighboring countries.

Altogether 39 parliamentarians had presented their views on the discussion on policy and programme. Parliamentarians Anita Devkota, Badri Prasad Pandey, Brikhesh Chandra Lal, Dhan Kumari Khatiwada, Jitendra Narayan Dev, Mukta Kumari Yadav, Prakash Panta, Ramesh Chandra Rayamajhi, Sarita Prasai, Taradevi Bhatta, Ramesh Prasad Yadav and Radheshyam Adhikari had questioned PM Oli twice over to clarify his answers to their queries.

Further clarifying his answers, Prime Minister Oli urged the parliamentarians from the opposition party not to mislead the public that the government was going to impose one-party rule. He said that multi-party and competitive political systems were introduced in the country after a long struggle.

PM Oli shared that the new policy and program has introduced incredible programm for women empowerment. According to him, sanitary pads would be distributed free of cost to female students in the community schools.

On Budhi Gandaki hydropower project, he said the government would take decision soon. Stating that even and proportional distribution of resources would be ensured among the provinces, he said that the federal government was effortful to expand the capacity of provincial and local level.

As for the emergency landing for aircrafts, PM Oli said that highways would be constructed keeping in mind that it could be used for emergency aircraft landing.

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