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Government heading to the path of good governance and law and order: Prime Minister Oli

KATHMANDU:- Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has urged parliamentarians of all political parties to unanimously vote for the motion of trust while assessing the achievements made in his tenure.
Presenting the motion that the House of Representatives (HoR) of the federal parliament has trust on him, PM Oli has sought vote from lawmakers of all the political parties in the parliament.
“I trust you all would unanimously lend trust to me,” he said, adding that the government has moved ahead to the path of maintaining good governance and law and order as well as resolving national problems. So, there is no reason to show no-trust to the government”, he added. He went on saying that the government was effortful to protect the citizens from COVID-19. “This is the time to save people. Let us all join hands to materialize the campaign”.
The government was also effortful to ensure overall development and create employment opportunities to realize the campaign ‘Happy Nepali, Prosperous Nepal’, the prime minster noted. He further said that the government was also putting its efforts to make the country without street children and clarified that works are also underway to participate more people in health insurance programme.
PM Oli said that the social security scheme had incorporated people with disabilities. “Nobody should be worried that they don’t have anyone to look after. The government is the guardian. He who does not have guardian have government as their guardian,” he said.
Stating that the government had expedited the reconstruction of quake-damaged monuments, the PM said that the reconstruction of Dharahara, Durbar High School, Basantapur Durbar, Singha Durbar, hospitals and other heritages of historical importance were carried out incredibly.
He also shared that the Melamchi Drinking Water project had also come to fruition during his leadership.
According to him, 12 new smart cities being developed and every day six-kilo metres of roads were being constructed.
Furthermore the PM also clarified that his government had paid attention to the protection of industries, development of social infrastructure, children welfare and modernizing education system among others.
On a different note, PM Oli said that the constitution could be amended on the basis of relevance. “The constitution could be amended on the basis of need and relevance. Now on none will choose the politics of division. There is no dispute regarding the national uses such as national sovereignty and geographical integrity.”
He went on sharing that government had brought a disgruntled political party which had believed in violence to peaceful politics and termed the act as a historic achievement.
The PM was rereferring to CPN led by Netra Bikram Chand that was once dubbed as a terrorist outfit and bringing the party into mainstream politics during his leadership.
The septuagenarian PM shared that that the country had whitenessed remarkable developments in tunnel road, airways and communication sector.

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