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Gauri Gai count put off due to wild elephant obstruction

CHITWAN:- Count of an endangered wildlife species Gaur, locally known as Gauri Gai, has been put off in Chitwan National Park (CNP).
According to the CNP sources, the count of Gaur that began since last May 11 has been postponed owing to the obstruction of wild tuskers.
CNP’s Information Officer and Assistant Conservation Officer Lokendra Adhikari shared that the wild tuskers caused obstruction when the count has almost come to a final stage.
“Count was taking place by dividing the CNP-based habitat of Gauri Gai in 14 different blocks”, Adhikari said, adding, “The count was completed in 12 blocks and was continuous in remaining two. It has now come to a halt with the obstruction of wild elephants”.
Adhikari further said it cannot be ascertained when it will resume.
The CNP had mobilized 22 elephants and 60 human resources to take stock of endangered and protected wildlife species, Gaur, for internal monitoring and count.
According to the 2016 count, there were altogether 473 Gauri Gai in Parsa National Park and Chitwan National Park. CNP alone had witnessed 368 out of the total count.

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