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Flood and landslide damaged eight projects

(The flood that came along with Ledo in Melamchi Bazaar on June 20 has penetrated into many houses here. Ledo has not been removed from public buildings and places including roads, houses, and schools. Some houses in the market area have been washed away by the river, while many others have been flooded. July 15, 2021. Photo: Sanchita Ghimire, RSS)

KATHMANDU:- Eight various hydroelectricity projects have been damaged by the monsoon-induced disaster this year.
A study conducted by the Department of Electricity under the Ministry of Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation showed that these projects were damaged due to flood and landslide. The total capacity of the damaged projects is 208 megawatts.
The flood and landslide in the Dordi river in Lamjung on June 14 and 15 damaged the 12-megawatts capacity Dordi-1 Hydroelectricity Project. Similarly, another hydropower project of 27 megawatts capacity being developed by Himalayan Power Partner Ltd was also damaged.
The Department said the 25-megawatt Upper Dordi and the 54-megawatt Super Dordi ‘Kha’ have also been damaged.
The study shows that the total four projects being developed in the Dordi River corridor have suffered damage.
Likewise, the flood has damaged the 15.33-megawatt Kalanga Khola Hydropower Project. This project suffered damages due to flood and landslide on June 14 and 15.
Also damaged due to the flood and landslide are the 24-megawatt Madame Khola Project, the 7.27-megawatt Yamling Khola Project and the 44-megawatt Super Madi Project. The construction materials and equipment of the project have been swept away by the flood. The flood water entered the powerhouse of the project causing damage to it.
The Independent Power Producers Association of Nepal (IPAN) has called on the government to provide compensation to the projects that have suffered damage due to the flood and landslide.

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