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Federation of Nepali Journalists Elections: 165 candidates vying for 38 posts

N24 Correspondent, KATHMANDU:- In the election of the Federation of Nepali Journalists, (FNJ) to be held on the same day, 165 candidates are vying for various posts. According to the final list of candidates published by the Election Committee, 165 candidates are vying for 38 posts.

This time, separate groups of pro-government and anti-government journalists have been formed to lead the federation. However, taking advantage of the first-past-the-post system, many journalists have run for office.

Although there are two alliances, Gajendra Singh Budhathoki, Nirmala Sharma, Ram Prasad Dahal, and Bipul Pokhrel are the only four candidates for the post. Deepak Pathak, who was nominated earlier, has withdrawn his candidature.

Similarly, Madhav Nepal, Ramesh Bista, and Ramji Dahal are the candidates for the post of senior vice president. Dhruv Lamsal, who had registered his candidature for the same post, has withdrawn his candidature.

Dana KC and Bala Adhikar are the women vice presidents, Awadhesh Jha, Uday GM, and Mohan Kumar Singh are the inclusive vice presidents.

Bal Krishna Basnet, Roshan Puri, and Subodh Gautam are vying for the post of general secretary. Rajesh Mishra, who had given his candidature for the same post, has withdrawn his candidature.

There will be 6 open secretaries, 2 women secretaries, 3 tribal secretaries, 4 secretaries (Madhes), 5 Dalit secretaries, 6 associate secretaries, and 6 treasurers.

Similarly, there are 6 candidates in State 1 member, 2 in State 2, 7/7 in Bagmati, Gandaki, Karnali, and Pratishthan State, 10 in Lumbini State Member, and 5 in Far West Member.

Likewise valley province 8 members, Institutional Pradesh (Associate) 5, Open Member 27, Women Member (Madhesi) 3, Adivasi Janajati Women Member 2, Khas-Aryan Women Member 6, Dalit Women Member 3, 6 for two Adivasi Janajati members (one woman compulsory), 9 for two Dalit members (one woman compulsory), 7 for two Madhesi members (one woman compulsory), 4 for disabled members, 2 for minority members. People are competing.

Three-thirds of the candidates have nominated candidates for the post of Accounts Committee Coordinator, Open Member, and Women.

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