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“Fasting became incomplete due to not being able to worship at Pashupatinath’

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By Phurpa Sherpa, KATHMANDU:- Millions of women used to gather at Pashupatinath today to celebrate Haritalika Teej. But this year the crowd was not seen. Corona pandemic prevented women from going to the Pashupatinath and forced them to stay at home.

Mrs. Mongol Nepal winner Sonam Rai said, “I like to celebrate Teej, but due to my health condition, I have not done fasting for a few years. “I wanted to celebrate Teej, so I organized a party last year and celebrated with my neighbors. This year, we couldn’t celebrate it like last year because of the coronavirus pandemic,” she said.

“This year I and my family have a different memory for the Teej festival. Well, I believe in thinking positively,” said Rai. This new situation has been created, we must learn to enjoy it differently so I,m enjoying it however as it is.

Similarly, Jayanti Rai, a Buddhist resident said “I’m from the Rai community, so we don’t usually celebrate Teej. But being a part of Nepali society, I enjoy how others celebrate teej by singing and dancing. But due to this COVID-19 pandemic, we are in lockdown. So, this year we may not see those chaotic situations around our area and temples, or let’s say all over the country. The red color indicated the Teej festival, we used to see red color attire everywhere but this year we are isolated. So it feels a little different compare to the previous year.

According to Rai, because of this pandemic, we are going through a lot of complications. People are struggling to meet people, new academic sessions are stop, job holders losses their job, there is no productivity. It’s a festival time but rather than celebrating people is fighting to cover their daily needs.  Youths are becoming stress and depressed. I lose my job; there is no income source for me. I have to depend on my parents. Sometimes it stresses me out thinking about this whole thing. I can’t even find a new job also.

According to Bina Tamang a resident of Makalbari, Narayantar this year looked different from last year. She concludes that everything is messed up because of Covid-19. Tamang said, ‘This year I have celebrated Teej by worshiping God at home. Last year I went to Pashupatinath temple with my friends. This is the first time I have not been able to worship at the Pashupatinath temple, so I feel incomplete. ‘

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