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Farmers planting

(Women of Shuklaphanta Municipality-2, Ranipur take turns planting paddy in each other’s fields. The women here complete the planting in the field from Perm. Kanchanpur, June 20, 2021. Photo: Rajendra Prasad Paneru-RSS) z’SnfkmfF6f gu/kflnsf –@, /fgLk’/sf dlxnf kfn}kfnf] u/L Ps csf{sf] v]tdf wfg /f]Kb} . oxfFsf dlxnfx? kd{ lxF8]/ v]tdf wfg /f]kfOF ub}{ cfPsf 5g . tl:a/ M /fh]Gb|k|;fb kg]?÷/f;;

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