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Experts recommend autonomy to university in Nepal

Prakash Silwal, KATHMANDU: Experts and educationists have voiced for the autonomy of university for quality education.
Former Dean at Engineering Faculty of Tribhuvan University, Prof Dr Rajendra Dhwoj Joshi, said the university must be autonomous to pick vice-chancellor and appoint professors. Appointment made by the political level is control oriented, which fails to stop party interference in the university.”
He further said it was not necessary for the university to grant affiliation; the colleges should be able to prepare curriculum on their own and conduct exams accordingly. Fee can be determined as per market need and value.
Prof Dr Joshi was speaking at a seminar on ‘higher education policy and major agenda of regulation’ organized by the Madan Bhandari Foundation in the capital city.
Another professor at TU, Dr Basudev Kafle, viewed that major agenda at present was on which policy base the higher education was running in the country. The higher education must be made accessible as per the spirit of the constitution, he underscored.
According to educationist Dr Ganeshman Gurung, pressing agenda of higher education at present in Nepal are quality and credibility.
Vice-Chancellor at Nepal Open University, Dr Lekhnath Sharma, however, said major agenda of the higher education was investment.
Moreover, Vice-Chancellor at Lumbini University, Dr Hridaya Ratna Bajracharya, said the universities themselves could be oriented towards sustainability at a time when the investment was not ensured.
The participants in the seminar suggested that the higher education policy could focus the spirit of constitution towards prosperity and socialism. Autonomy of universities was must for producing human resources needed for the country, they added. RSS

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