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Every day is a new day 

Every day is a new day which brings new hope, a new beginning, and new excitement in life. When we believe in it, a new opportunity and positive thoughts start embracing us on each step. When we wish for a new thing to come in our life, we feel it, smile for it, and cherish the joy on its way. Once we begin us every day as a new day, the prosperity, pride, favor, and abundance start to dance and push up our smile toward the infinity

Our mind is an empty container and it is up to us what kind of materials we use to fill that space. It is our choice to fill it either with good things or bad things. If we fill that space with love, forgiveness, kindness, we will be tended to have positive thinking with the eagerness of making this world a better and safer place for everyone. On the contrary, if we fill that space with sadness, jealousy, negative thoughts, we turned into the poor creature who will not have any power to help this world and the existence of human beings will be worthless.

We can’t enjoy this life if we pollute our hearts with the uncouth, hater, envy, and guilt. Instead, if we throw all those thoughts from our minds, we will be free from worry, anxiety. To make this happens we must have faith that the day is coming to shine bringing joy, happiness, and pleasure. No regret of yesterday because it is already past, no worry for tomorrow as it is about to come. Neither we have the control of past or the future but, we can control for today. We can start our enthusiasm alive; we can bring a new passion every day assuming that every day is the new day for us. It is a new opportunity to live and enjoy this beautiful world. We should be thankful for the life that we have, for the opportunity to see this beautiful world again because many people sleep in the night but never wake up in the morning. That is why we are lucky that we have a new day again that is our new life to enjoy this world.

It is easy to live life with negative thoughts, worrying about tomorrow, or sinking deep into the frustration, but it is extremely hard to develop our thoughts towards peace and prosperity. Our goal should be towards humanity and peace for the world. We are born not only to enjoy our life alone but to make this place safe and sound for everyone. If we keep on worrying too much about our own life, we can’t make any changes for ourselves neither we can do something for others. This is the reason why, all the regret, guilt, and feeling of self-humiliation are the virus that contaminates our minds and thoughts. If we don’t remove them; it starts ruining our beautiful life, it destroys our wonderful day and every precious moment of living.

Sometimes we suffer from the other opinion, bad talk because we always expect appreciation, validation from others. No one in this world is flawless and every individual is different in this world. Everyone can make a mistake and may hurt us knowingly or accidentally. If we keep on thinking about that stuff, we will be wasting our priceless time to enjoy life. Our focus on those things may engage to have anger, hater, and guilt. But, if we widen our mind and forgive them, we will develop the kindness and love to everyone in this world.  If we forget the past and bitterness that might have happened in life, we can soar in the sky with the ultimate joy. Everyone deserves to have the opportunity for improvement and free from the mistake they made in the past.  We can release all the regret and guilt to have liberty from those emotional sicknesses. When we exit from one door, there is always a better door waiting for us to enter.  We can polish our day, shine our every day with the new hope, with the new joy gardening our mind and thoughts with encouraging thoughts.

We must blank out the negative material every morning. Don’t let them enter your valuable space if it has occupied already, we need to let them go every day with the continuous habits of meditations and practice.  Our hearts should fill with positive thinking, hope, excitement, and peace. Our life is too short to hold it back with the depressing things. We must fill the rooms with the belief, exhilaration, greatness, progress, and the bliss which are the healing of emotional sickness. We must grow the seeds of respect and promote our emotional wellbeing every day. Resentment, envy, and anxiety should be taken away from the mind instantly when they try to enter us because those are the poison of emotional wellbeing.

Every ending has a new beginning. Yesterday has ended with the new day of today. Our past has ended giving the new experience of living. When one chapter of life ends, the new chapter begins. That is why we must be grateful for today, for having a new life because it is a new journey to find the new destiny. If you are hurt by someone yesterday, forgive him/ her because that is already gone. If you had a bitter relationship yesterday forget that, it is just a past. A new day is coming with a new relationship, a new person, a new life that you must start again to live life happily forever until it ends.

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