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English 12 11 20 Race Gap

-In today’s collateral we’ve included the speaker bios and event invite. We’ve included questions shared in the chat box below and we invite our speakers to answer questions when possible and send responses by replying to this email. Your input will be much appreciated: -Arlie, has the empirical success of Asian Americans contributed to the hate violence against them during this past administration? -This time the presidential election caused the division of American society. Even months after the election, the South Asian immigrant South Asian community, like the American mainstream, is divided. The immigrant South Asian community has always sided with the Democrats, but this time the community was not only divided, but also voted for Trump, participated in financial aid and campaigning. What is the reason for the drastic political change in the immigrant South Asian community? After this election, the South Asian community does not trust the American mainstream media. What is the reason for this? -How do we educate the community so they understand the realities, especially when they have a strong notion preconceived? -Trumpers I have interviewed boil their support down to a single issue like abortion. They are willing to accept all the corruption and lack of compassion and caring for everyone. How do you explain this? -a rhetoric was built against Muslims living in America–Would there be any change in the days to come? -Is anyone looking at the divide between urban Metropolitan Market Areas and rural America that doesn’t even have enough hospitals? -Just a comment, I do feel that we need to stop referring to White Trump Supporters as racists as an almost automatic response to their vote. Yes, we all see the white nationalists, white supremacy groups that back him, but there are plenty of Latino, Native American, Asian, and African Americans, Indigenous people, plenty of minority groups that supported him, that we don’t automatically label as racist because the label just doesn’t apply. Why do we automatically assign the racist moniker to whites? -How do we know that those who did vote were not representative of the U.S. adult population and the difference it would have made if those who didn’t vote had voted? -What is your message to some of the Arab and Muslim community who were not elected becouse of the the US foreign policy, and they say that Trump and Biden do not differ from each other when they return to the right Arab causes


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