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Elixir, potion of the love we felt

By Sanju Adhikari
But how to suppress this unwary blossom
(Rina Banerjee, ‘Take me, take me, take me…to the Palace of Love,’ 2003. JKA Photography)

Instant blushes at earshot of your name
My eyes twinkle at every glance
Too proud whenever anyone talks about you
Flappy lips get the gloss to say a word in you
I flourish as you hold my hands every time
Feel alive as you are mine!

Ambivalent heart now beats a soothing tune
As it finally explored the sentience zone
Your presence revitalizes my periphery
To rest in a life race and live affinity
Hypnotic voice enchants so graciously
Having you makes me feel sprightly!

For protecting this precious nectar
You ask to hide it inside our own realm
Saying this delicate elixir may get touched
May be tainted, may be judged
As the weather is freezing outside
May smash the buds before it sprouts!

But how to suppress this unwary blossom
How to sojourn its fragrance from dispersion
This phenomenon is as inexorable as nature
Illumination that shines even in dark epicenter
How to lock aesthetic spark in a vacuum?
How to conceal the veracity in doom?

Honey it’s impossible to hide own shadow
Unimaginable to live if we let self to mow
Let our love to have just one sneak peek
Allow self to flourish even for a single neap
That single moment worth dying for
Tersely but let’s get melted & gleam together!!

Sanju Adhikari @ Andherisanzu

(Author Miss Sanju Adhikari is a Chartered Accountant holding more than 10 years of experience in various corporate sectors like manufacturing,real estate, hydro power , constructions and financial services etc . She is a financial consultant, author and poet at present days." )

Published Date: Tuesday, February 11th, 2020 | 06:42 PM

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