Election will not take place on November 19: CP Gajurel (Vice-chairperson CPN-Maoist)

People used to say that you went to China to ask whether to take part in the elections or not. Is this correct?

We went to China to discuss about the present national and international context with the Community Party of China and Chinese government. We did not go there to seek suggestion for whether to take part in the election or not. We could not take decision in this regard by asking anyone.

However China suggested you to take part in the election. Isn’t it?

Chinese leaders did not direct us about the issue of election. All are aware that Chinese government, communist party and leaders have the policy of not interfering in the internal affairs of any country. It is the directive to tell whether you should take part in the election or not and giving such directive is interfering the internal affairs of other country. China did not do such behavior.

If you have visited India then it is considered as interference in the internal affairs but you went at the invitation of China so it is not considered interference. Isn’t it?

This time we did not visit at the invitation of China we went there at our own. We sent a letter expressing our interest to visit China to discuss some issues with the Chinese leaders and authorities and they accepted our request. After they accepted our request we went there so interpreting the visit by different angle is meaningless.

What is the agenda for discussion with Chinese authorities?

Not only China we want to discuss the issue with various friendly countries like China to end current political transition of the country. The political stalemate has been dogging the country for a long time, so, our decision is that it would be better to discuss the issue with friendly countries. What all should understand is that China is a good neighbor of Nepal for a long time. So it is natural to maintain friendly relation by a communist party with another communist party or the government led by communist party.

China has said that there is no alternative to the elections of the constituent assembly, so, what could be your future strategy?

Where China said so? They did not say so during our meeting. What they clearly said is that they wish to have peace in Nepal and the country should be prosperous by doing economic development and constitution is essential for that but it is your internal affair to decide how to conduct the election for drafting the constitution. They also informed that it is upto you to decide whether to take part in the election or not. Their concern is that there should be peace and stability in Nepal for the development of the country. China has given importance to our party and they are confident that the election would not take place without our participation and even if election was held without our participation it would be meaningless. So, Chinese leaders suggested us to find the solution of current problems dogging the country through consensus among all the political parties taking into consideration that Nepali people need development and stability. They are also of the view that Nepal should take advantage of the economic development of China. Their suggestion is very good but we did not find the good intention of some political parties and the government.

Anyway lately China has been expressing concern over the elections of the constituent assembly and they are of the view that the elections of the constituent assembly should be held in Nepal. Do you agree on it?

Yes that is correct. We believe that China does not oppose the elections of the constituent assembly in Nepal if there is favorable environment for it.

Then China is in favor of election with participation of CPN-Maoist, isn’t it?

If all the problems dogging the country could be resolved through elections then China never oppose the election. However it is upto the political parties of Nepal and Nepali people to decide on how to resolve the problems dogging the country. Chinese leaders are of the opinion that they should not interfere at the internal affairs of the country.

Is it not correct that China suggested you to unite with the UCPN-Maoist or if unity is not possible make an alliance for the elections of the constituent assembly?

This is very wrong statement. China has expressed concern that party split may obstruct the peace process of the country and would not help for the stability in the country while we are on the verge of split and suggested that the split would not be beneficial for both the sides and suggested us to resolve differences. May be they have also said same thing to other side as well. China has not called for party unity as both the sides have been running separate party having separate policy and ideology. We believe that China has given due respect to both the parties. They might have the feeling that it would be better if both the parties unite but they have not said so as they are aware that unity is not possible in current situation. As the Chinese leaders are quiet experienced and they are quiet aware that party unity is not possible in current situation and they can’t say whether you should unite or not.

China might be quiet aware that the parties will unite as per their direction?

I don’t know about it. But it is our internal matter whether we should unite or not as the party got split due to internal differences. We will take the suggestion of our well-wisher positively. It is not true that the party can split or unite as per the interest of China and China can’t play such role. May be such role was played by our northern neighbor (India).

Did China support you to raise weapons?

Currently we are not in the mentality of raising weapon neither we discussed about it. How can we discuss the issue that is not our policy at the moment.

However your party has passed the party line of people’s revolt?

The line of people’s revolt is not a new issue for a communist party but we are not in the position of going for people’s revolt at the moment. We are discussing on two alternatives at the moment. First is to go to the constituent assembly election by addressing our demands and the second is draft the new constitution by getting people’s mandate. We are not in favor of armed revolt at the moment. We can make public appeal if we need to go for people’s revolt.

General people perceive that you are blind supporter of China and biased towards India. Why it is so?

This is wrong perception. The thing is that Chinese leaders of communist party invite us and we go there but Indian leaders do not do that. India has not formally called us and we did not have any formal discussion, so, people might have thought that.

Then you are expecting invitation from India?

India is our friendly country so there is no reason we should have enmity with them. We are of the view that we should maintain good relations with all the countries. In the present context, if India calls us for the visit we will discuss the issue within our party and decide what to do. New Delhi is not a new place for us as we have our fraternal organization in India. We visit India for different purposes but visiting India does not mean we can have discussion with the Indian Government or Indian Authorities. So no-one can check us from visiting India as there are many well-wishers of the party in India.

At last, please tell us will the elections of the constituent assembly take place on November?

There is no possibility of elections of the constituent assembly on November. There is no conducive environment for election. To create environment for elections all the present process should be scrapped and move ahead through a new process. Time is not sufficient to do all these things so the election will not take place on November for sure.

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