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Durga Prasad, who was imprisoned in an Indian jail for 40 years, receives Nepali citizenship

N24 Correspondent, ILAM:- Durga Prasad Timsina of Ilam, who was released from an Indian jail after 40 years, received a certificate of Nepali citizenship on Thursday.

Chief District Officer Dhruva Bahadur Khadka informed that the District Administration Office Ilam had given him citizenship on the basis of descent.

“Citizenship has been granted to him as per the decision of the state government to treat him immediately,” Khadka said.

Durga Prasad’s nephew Gopal Timsina has identified himself to get citizenship.

‘Big father has got citizenship. Our relationship has also been proven, ‘said Gopal.

His name Durga Prasad Timsina is written in the citizenship. His name is Deepak Jaisi in West Bengal jails and Calcutta High Court documents.

“Now we make a recommendation from the CDO office that Deepak Jaisi and Durga Prasad Timsina are the same person,” said Gopal.

According to him, Durga Prasad has started talking after staying at home.

A doctor is also arriving at his home in Mai Muncypality-10 from Jhapa for Durga Prasad’s health check-up.

Earlier on Monday, the Calcutta High Court had ruled that Durga Prasad should be compensated.

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