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Dr. ready to take the call

KATHMANDU: B P scion Dr Shashank Koirala has come out saying he will not hesitate to lead the party if the party workers want him in the forefront based on apprehension about the future.

The youngest son of legendary B P never spoke on party matters in the past but apparently has been keeping tab on the unfolding scenario and perceives the need to uphold nationalist credential of the party his father B P once led from the front to heroic popularity.

” There is no reason why I should hesitate ( to take lead). But it has to be debated in the party,” Dr Koirala said while talking with nepal24hours.com. One could sense he is ready to take the call.

In what comes as very nearly an announcement, Dr Koirala referred to the very nearly immediate need to fittingly lead the party, attend the aspiration of the people and shape relations with India and China in sync with party’s ideology.

“Leadership has to be clear on issues like these. There are others in Congress party who have the qualities much like as I have,” Dr Koirala said, adding that these things have to be decided only upon discussion.

He sounded against announcing oneself as a candidate based on ambition. He brushed aside announcement coming from Ram Chandra Paudel claiming he was candidate of the party establishment, saying anyone can do that.

He also downplayed passing on leadership to young generation saying experience counts and it cannot be bought with money. He was however not averse to encouraging young blood.

Reacting to recent spate of reports that attribute someone or the other carrying B P legacy Dr Koirala said no one who does not share the views of B P Koirala can expect to take charge of the party leadership.

He however denied that the legacy runs in the blood, saying ” I do not share the view that legacy runs in the blood.” He hastened on to add that all those who have led the party after him have shared his views.

The remarks on legacy and leadership have come at a time when the section of party is involved in change of leadership to someone out of the Koirala family.

Dr Koirala also said that since legacy does not run in the blood what is also true is anyone who shares B P’ s views also gets to lead the party and will be deemed to have inherited the legacy too.

Commenting on allegations against the leadership that there is no debate but only leadership change he lamented the political instability going back to late seventies something that left little time for ideological debate.

He conceded that since the successive leadership had little time for any debate owing to political upheavals, leading the party alone became the agenda.

” I can see there has been no debate. But there were reasons that ruled it out. That must change now,” Dr Koirala said while talking with Nepal24hours.com.

He pointed out the need for it in the light of the changed political map of the country under federal structure, adding the organizational structure of the party too must change over time.

He lamented how the political upheavals from time to time has left no time for the party leadership to institutionalize the general convention of the party. He expressed doubt whether a party which is yet to organize its functioning could contribute much.

Reacting to a query whether anyone from the Koirala family will contest the party election, he said that it is something which the party workers have to decide “since none of us can go and announce ourselves as candidates.”

Denying that Koirala family does not have faces of promise now, he said that the one who is eminently qualified must come up and that is what he too feels.

Published Date: Thursday, February 18th, 2016 | 10:08 PM

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