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Dr. Paudel Candidacy for President at NRN-NCC Raises 4 major Issues

Purushottam Dhakal, Los Angeles, USA: After registering the candidacy for President at Non –Resident Nepalese National Co-ordination Council of USA ( NRN NCC of USA) Mr Keshab Paudel has started his election campaign. Mr. Paudel , Chairperson of Pharmacy and Therapeutic Committee Lovelace West Side Hospital is currently the professional medical doctor at Hospital at New Mexico state . He has been visiting the different Nepalese communities around the dozen of State in USA since last few months and actively involved in interaction with them. During the interaction program I got opportunities to know about each other, to know about the problems the Nepali communities are facing, and many more in detail which built the foundation on me to file the candidacy he told us. He further added that he would like to request all the Nepali American to join his group if they have hunger of doing something good together. He remarked that his first and primary priority is how to broaden and strengthen the Unity among the member During these years attraction towards the council has been drastically increased , starting from few hundred it has reached 3900 last year where as this about 12000 has taken membership . The exact number of Nepali residing in USA is still vague but it can be estimated taking the reference of different publication that 2/3 lakhs of Nepali are currently residing in USA . After Malaysia and Arabian country America is that country where large numbers of Nepali are currently residing.

Issue raised by Paudel
Dr. Paudel has filed the candidacy by setting four major issues. The raised issue by him is as below:
1. Create the environment and opportunity and for the Skilled and expert Nepali-American to work for Nepal.
2. Dual citizenship.
3. Assist those who want to invest in Nepal either with large or small capital investment.
4. Uplifting the Nepali Community to be in the mainstream of American System.

Besides the above mention Dr. Paudel has also the list of many more things that he has intended to do if he gets elected ,like making the separate meeting points in those cities where the population of Nepali is very dense , to help the members having different problems. But he is mainly focused on the 4 major predefined goal.

Implementation Strategy of Raised Issues
His first issue is how to utilize the skilled and expert knowledge of Nepali –American for the benefit of the Nepal. Everyone has the desire to do something for his/her birthplace and gain some identity in that community too but we aren’t able to fulfill our that desire he explained. It’s very perplexing on it implication and I am going to take initiation to eradicate the difficulties and perplexing situation to get evolve he remarked to assure. “For this purpose, my plan is to make focus group from among the skilled and expert persons from relevant field like group of engineers, doctors, economist etc”, he said. He further added that each focus group will discuss and decide on concrete plan regarding how Nepal could benefit in that sector and could direct toward the implementation .It would help to make the government authorities and the community people to understand plan and its implementation he further cleared its importance .New technology can be move to Nepal in such a way too he added .
The second issue he has raised is about the dual citizenship. He said that one born as Nepali should be always recognize as Nepali he strongly focused on saying once a Nepali forever Nepali . As from all scatter members around the world this issue of dual citizen has been raised since very beginning so it’s the desire of all them. Though there were many attempts of approaching to the concern department and to the concern officials this issue hasn’t take it’s track yet he analyzed the previous attempts and he put himself in the race of president with the new logic on it too. While providing the dual citizenship Nepal doesn’t lose anything instead it will gain many more things as it’s positive and beneficial aspects couldn’t be explained among the government, politician and the local people that’s why we are lacking on its implementation he told us. He emphasis that it need to convenience about the benefits and its merits of dual citizenship to Nepal and it’s people among the politician at first. As he was involved in the student politics previously while in Nepal he admitted that he can initiate the new strategy of lobbing. He commented that the politician and the community pioneer shouldn’t treat them as assistant during their trip and the source of financial supports; they should also understand difficulties and should defend them strongly regarding the dual citizenship issue raised.

In relation to another issue regarding the investment he wants to be more practical on it and emphasized that not only big capital investment, small capital investment should also prioritized. In the developed countries like America the financial organization won’t pay interests for the deposit and it’s totally unsafe to keep money at home, so maximum Nepali residing in America wants their little saving to be invested in Nepal .But because of the lack of right information where to invest and about the security of their hard earned it hasn’t been possible though the investment opportunities has been highly increased these days in Nepal. Taking the reference of Tamakoshi –Hydro power he told that as the government has decided to give share to the people of Dolkha district due to lack of information and the difficult procedure the people residing in foreign from that district couldn’t make it. Likewise different project has been purposed and running in Nepal which has the people including participation investment of while using the local resources , but due to lack of proper information the people residing in America are unaware about the phenomenon .He urged the need that NRN America should identify such projects and should convey message exactly to the members, so that the interested investor can proceed further.
Likewise, Phenomenon of getting American citizen has been tremendously increasing, Dr. Paudel focused that being American citizen he/she should expose to the local politics and the different sector of community. Dr. Paudel commented that else from few American Nepali like HB bhandari from Virginia, Dharsan Rauniyar from the Washington ,Amrita Regmi from Georgia and Surendra Shrestha from Colorado there has been observed very few involvement in local politics. He emphasis the importance of getting involve in local politics to streamline the Nepali –American community into mainstream of centre politics . He is committed that if he gets the opportunity to lead the team he will definitely create the momentum to make the people from the group to get evolve in the politics. He added that he will create the moment to share the experience of senior one with the new interested candidate for getting ahead. He told that as Nepali –American community is already accepted as the minorities’ community by centre government and state government, so the involvement of people from this community into politics will identify the different facilities that has allocated .

End of one winter doesn’t end the cold.
As in last year session his name was discussed massively among the participants regarding the candidate of the senor Vice –President but he didn’t file the candidacy . He accepted that he was interested too but due to the request of the close friends and from the senior circle he had given chance and helped other. As an end of single winter doesn’t end the cold at all, he waited anxiously for this time and he strongly believes that he can do the things in better ways.
Mr. Paudel has graduated in medicine from the most prestigious institute of Nepal (Institute of Medicine) and has been residing in America since 2004. He was involved in student politics while he was in Nepal. Mr. Paudel told us that it was very difficult at beginning while in USA but with hard work, he achieved fame as well sustainable life and process is going on. He admitted that as he could manage time else from family and job he has been actively involve these days in social activities. He promised that he will continue to such activities further in future too extraneous to the result of this session.

For Indian tourists travelling by land:- 72 hours (-ve) C-19 report, CCMC form and Antigen Test at entry point

For Indian tourists travelling by land:- 72 hours (-ve) C-19 report, CCMC form and Antigen Test at entry point

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Information for Indian tourists travelling by land:- 72 hours (-) C-19 report, CCMC form and Antigen Test at entry point