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Double digit decline in Nepali stock market

KATHMANDU:- The stock market has declined by double digits. On the first day of trading of the year, the stock market gauge Nepse has decreased by 19.20 points and reached 2829.65 points.

According to the Nepal Stock Exchange, 7,237,396 shares of 230 companies worth Rs 4.42 billion were bought and sold on Monday.
The indicators of 3 out of 13 groups that have come into business are green. However, the index of 10 has decreased. Shares of banking group declined by 19 points, development bank by 70 points and hotel by 29 points. Finance has increased by 21 points. Shares of microfinance fell by 55 points and hydropower by 13 points.
Similarly, shares of product group declined by 29 points, life insurance group by 100 points, non-life insurance group by 137 points and other group by 23 points.

Today, Mahalakshmi Development Bank has the highest turnover. It has a turnover of Rs. 52 crore. Similarly, Nabil Bank had a turnover of Rs 220 million and ICFC Finance had a turnover of over Rs 220 million.

Of the companies traded, five saw their share prices rise sharply. Sahas Energy Company, ICFC Finance, Tehrathum Power Company, Manushi Microfinance Financial Institution and Mahalakshmi Development Bank are among the companies whose share price has risen sharply. The share price of these companies has risen at the circuit level today.

Similarly, shareholders of Karnali Development Bank, Mountain Hydro and Lumbini Development Bank have earned 7 percent.

Similarly, the share price of Support Microfinance Financial Institution has declined the most today. Today, the company’s share price has fallen about 8 percent.

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