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Director Nepal’s belief: ‘Film sector will suffer again’

 Nepal said that we  would overcome this situation as we have the art and habit of fighting even when we are injured.

KATHMANDU: Nepali film has crossed a six-decade-long journey. During this period, the film industry witnessed many ups and downs. This area was destroyed in the civil war waged by the then Maoists. After the peace process, the film industry was somewhat strained. However, the film industry has also been affected by the growing political instability in the country since the first Constituent Assembly elections.

After that, due to the great earthquake in 2072 BS, the film industry became chaotic for a long time. The film industry, which has overcome this situation, has to face another difficult situation. The film industry has been stalled for more than four months due to the coronavirus pandemic. This is probably the first time that the film industry has taken such a long break.

Even though the government has ended the four-month-long lockdown, the ban on the film sector remains. Thousands of technicians are suffering financially due to a lack of film production. Artists have become jobless. Producers have lost millions. When the cinema hall is closed, the investment of crores is at risk. At the moment, there is a pile of problems in the film industry.

Director Nawal Nepal, on the other hand, has expressed confidence that the Nepali film industry will be affected by this difficult situation. Writing a status on Facebook on Friday, he said that we would overcome this situation as we have the art and habit of fighting even when we are injured. He recalled that the film industry has faced various difficult situations before.

He writes, ‘Since the beginning of the Civil War, the panic-stricken cinema sector has been in turmoil since 2058 BS. After the first Constituent Assembly (CA) election, the cinema sector, which had been struggling after the change of 2006/07, came to the brink of various political upheavals. The dreams, creations, and professions of the technicians were being dealt with under various pretexts, we were fighting as much as we could. After overcoming the natural calamity (earthquake) of 2072, this region has succeeded in flourishing with the efforts of all. ‘

Noting that the film industry is facing a complicated situation due to Corona, Director Nepal added, “Sooner or later, we, the working filmmakers, the distributors involved, the exhibitors, the journalists, and the art-loving audience will again suffer.” It will flourish again. Because we have the art and habit of fighting even when we are injured. Let’s resolve We will get up.’

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