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Director Balki’s challenge: ‘Bring better actors than Alia and Ranbir’

In some cases, viewers don't want to see talented artists on screen, they want to see Star Kids," R. Balki.
ranbir and alia

KATHMANDU: Many aspects of the Bollywood industry have been overshadowed by the debate over nepotism. Some have said that many artists have got the opportunity because of nepotism, while others have opposed it. R Balki, the director of films like ‘Padman’, ‘Cheeni Kum’, ‘Pa’ and ‘Shamitabh’ has now taken part in this discussion. He has a different opinion about nepotism.

In a recent interview, R. Balkey said, “It’s easy for Star Kids to work on the screen for the first time. But, without talent, even Star Kids can’t survive in the film industry. There is no one else in Bollywood who is as talented as Alia Bhatt and Ranveer Kapoor. ‘He has also challenged to bring in great artists like Alia and Ranveer.

Balki said, “Show me a better artist than Alia or Ranbir and I am ready to debate.” While arguing about nepotism, it is unfair to a good artist. ‘”In some cases, viewers don’t want to see talented artists on screen, they want to see Star Kids,” he said. Director Balki says that the audience does not like a person without talent.

Balki is ready to admit that it is very difficult for an outsider to take his place in Bollywood. The first is to get an opportunity which is very essential. Then there is your responsibility. I find it very difficult for an outsider to make an entry into a film. But, your talent gives you a chance, ‘he said.

Published Date: Friday, July 17th, 2020 | 09:30 AM

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