Devotees throng Gokarneshwor Temple on Kushe Aunsi

KATHMANDU: Gokaneshwor Mahadev Temple in Kathmandu has witnessed a large influx of devotees on the occasion of Bhadra Krishna Aunsi, also known as Kushe Aunsi or Gokarna Aunsi or Father’s Day.

Kushe Aunsi is celebrated by remembering and paying respect to father for his care and love to family members.

Those having lost their fathers remember them by going to temples, conducting Shraddha and offering sida (sida is a holy mixture of grains) and offerings to priests. Conducting Shraddha and offering sida and pinda on this day is believed to be helping deceased ancestors’ souls get satisfied and leave the world easily.

Although the temple premises was being flooded by devotees from Thursday evening, all four doors of the temple were open only in the wee hours today, said priest Jagadish Chandra Bhatta.

A good management has been made for the devotees, he said.(RSS)

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