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Deuba demands compensation for the survivors of storm in Bara and Parsa

KATHMANDU: Nepali Congress (NC) President Sher Bahadur Deuba has pledged that NC would perform the role of a creative and eloquent opposition to the government. In the meeting today of the House of Representatives, leader Deuba demanded with the government for earliest compensation to the survivors of the tornado and storm in Bara, Parsa, Rautahat and Dhanusha.

Deuba said, “The government has not identified the culprit of Nirmala rape and murder case. This has raised questions among the public about the intention of the government.” The former Prime Minister also blamed the incumbent government of failing to ensure peace and security. There is despair among the public regarding the government and its performance, as it has not delivered substantially since it came to power 14 months ago.

He also claimed that the incumbent government had delivered nothing significant besides taking credit for the works completed or initiated by the erstwhile government. Indicating to the government’s arbitrary performance on national issues, Deuba said,” Instead of moving towards implementation of Budhi Gandaki hydro power Project in investment, the government awarded the contract to the foreign contractor without calling tender and competition. The future of Budhi Gandaki hydropower hangs in a thread.”

According to him, the government failed to attract foreign investment as well as foreign grant. He said, “The foreign trade deficit is growing day by day, which could cause adverse effect to the core economic mechanism.”

He also lamented that the incumbent government had cut off the Rs 5,000 subsistence allowance that the government led by him had pledged to provide to the patients of spinal cord injury, cancer, heart and kidney related ailments. Deuba argued that passing the Medical Education Bill by bulldozing was culmination of the government’s non-responsible attitude.

Furthermore, Deuba spoke of the need for the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) to carry out investigation surrounding the embezzlement in procurement of the wide-body aircraft and bring the culprit to the justice. “There is growing doubt that the public land of Baluwatar would be under the grip of the land mafia and the government seems to cover the wrongdoing,” Deuba said, wishing the incumbent government to manage the expectation the public.

“Our role as a major opposition party would be centered about making the government work in favour of the ordinary people, “ Deuba said, adding that erstwhile government had made sure that no eligible Nepali would be deprived of the citizenship identity card.

He viewed the government could not fulfill its agenda of prosperity by weakening the democracy, attacking on the press, making the parliament toothless and shrinking the constitutional rights bestowed to the local and provincial governments.

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