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Deposit not needed for treatment of Covid-19 patients: Teku Hospital

KATHMANDU:- The Shukraraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital (known as Teku Hospital) has stated that it now does not seek deposit amount for the treatment of coronavirus patients.
Hospital’s Director Dr Sagar Rajbhandari said that the hospital beds and counter have been asked not to seek deposit amount to treat the Covid-19 patients.
Prior to this, the Covid-19 patients were supposed to keep Rs 20,000 to Rs 50,000 in deposit for their treatment at Teku Hospital.
The Hospital has said that those individuals capable of paying their health care costs would pay the amount for their treatment and others unable to pay the costs would be provided service for free as per the directive of the Ministry of Health and Population.
Rajbhandari further stated that those patients admitted to the hospital are given free meal and are provided drugs and laboratory services and other available tests for free of costs.
The government is bearing the treatment and testing costs of poor, differently-abled, hapless people, single women, highly-disabled people, senior citizens, frontline health workers, sanitation workers, security personnel and others working in the vulnerable areas.
Director Dr Rajbhandari has also urged the stakeholders not to be swayed by the false information that the Teku Hospital was not treating the Covid-19 patients for free.

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