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Deal It With Courage, Not Fear: Post LockDown Precautions

Lions' Club of Kathmandu Samarpan hosted a webinar, where Dr. Ramesh Chokhani, key speaker in the webinar discussed some of the possible ways to remain safe from COVID-19 while serving the community.
Dr. Ramesh Chokhani Quoted text from the webinar

By Somya Agrawal, KATHMANDU: Nepal government on July 21 announced the withdrawal of the nationwide lockdown which was imposed in the country since 24th March 2020. The decision to end the lockdown was made concerning the fall in the number of coronavirus new cases in Nepal. However, the government has decided to keep halt in some services which are considered to be high propensity areas for virus spread like large public gatherings, schools & educational institutions, salons & spas, cinema halls & party palaces, gyms & health care and other similar services.

Although the lockdown has been lifted, various safety measures and guidelines have been provided that needs to be taken once we step out of our houses. With the large number of people moving out of their houses, there is a very high risk of community spread of the virus.

Likewise, to aware people of it, Lions Club of Kathmandu Samarpan hosted a webinar, where Dr. Ramesh Chokhani (Senior Consultant Pulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep Medicine, Norvic International Hospital), key speaker in the webinar discussed some of the possible ways to remain safe from COVID-19 while serving the community. In the presence of more than 1500 participants, Dr. Chokhani gave some insights about the ongoing pandemic and how to fight against such virus and also at the same time how to serve the community.

President of Lions’ Club of Kathmandu Samarpan, Mr. Dipak Bansal stated that, “Social workers need more precautions and alertness because they can serve the community only if they are safe.” He added that, the spread of coronavirus still exists, adapting safety measures in our daily lives is the only option to remain safe.

Dr. Ramesh Chokhani stated some of the universal precautions to remain safe which everyone should adapt in their daily lives.

1. Social Distancing or physical distancing which means maintaining 6 feet of distance from other people who are not from your household.
2. Wearing a face mask of any type, whether it be cloth masks or disposable surgical masks. It is highly preferred to use cloth masks to avoid the shortage of surgical masks, as surgical masks are used by doctors and patients. Cloth masks must be washed frequently and disposable surgical masks must be disposed off after one-time use, as repeatedly using it can be harmful.
3. Washing hands thoroughly for least 20 seconds with soap and water, while in case of inaccessibility of soap and water one can use an alcohol-based sanitizer.
4. After touching any package or parcel or object brought from outside, one must compulsorily wash their hands thoroughly. Similarly, disposing masks and hand gloves correctly also plays an important role. After taking off the mask or hand gloves, one should not touch their face or any object before washing or sanitizing their hands.
5. Lastly, one should avoid travelling or go to crowded places unless it is very urgent.

Moreover, Dr. Chokhani stated that,”Social service to the disadvantaged or vulnerable persons or group during the pandemic is the need of the hour. There are lot of people who are in need of such services, it is high time for social organisations to recognize such group of people who are in desperate need of help. However, while serving such people, it is very important to ensure that the workforce providing services are well protected.”

Having stress and anxiety is also very common during this period. One can cope up with such a situation by taking some break with news which revolves around coronavirus outbreak, by eating healthy, by exercising and meditating regularly, by playing games and by staying in touch with family and friends via video calls or any other virtual means of communication.

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