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COVID-19: Nepal’s recovery rate is 42.7%

The number of infected people in the country reached 15,964 till Monday.
(Bhupraj Adhikari, Mayor of Galyang Municipality handing over the press jacket provided by the Ruji Foundation to the journalists affiliated to the Press Association Syangja to Mukti Prasad Neupane, Chairman of the Press Association Syangja, 6 July, 2020. Photo: Himlal Parajuli-RSS)

KATHMANDU:- Nepal Government officials have said that 42.7 per cent of the coronavirus infected individuals have returned home after their complete recovery.
At a regular press briefing on Monday, Spokesperson at the Ministry of Health and Population Dr Jageshwor Gautam said that so far 6,811 people were discharged from the hospitals including 264 in the past 24 hours.
According to Dr Gautam, the number of infected people in the country reached 15,964 till Monday. He said that 469 cases got recovery in State 1; 2,072 in State 2; 639 in Bagmati and 295 in Gandaki State from the virus. Likewise, a total of 3,984 people returned home from the hospitals after complete recovery from the virus in State 5; 1,222 in Karnali State and 3,691 in the Sudur Paschim State.
Currently, 9,118 people are in isolation after testing positive for the virus.
Gautam shared that the country witnessed 180 new cases of coronavirus infection in the past 24 hours after the 4,721 PCR tests in 23 laboratories across the country. He said that 29,215 people are quarantined across the country.

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