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Covid-19 adversely impacts Siruwa festival

JHAPA: The Siruwa festival observed by the indigenous communities especially from Jhapa, Morang and Sunsari districts has been badly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic this year too.
The festival is marked with New Year, playing water, mud and colour. It is the second time the annual festival is adversely impacted by the coronavirus. It is the traditional culture here. The Rajbansi and Tajpuriya ethnic communities play with water on Baisakh 1, with mud on Baisakh 2 and with colour on Baisakh 3. Central member of the Rajbansi Society Development Committee, Phulmati Rajbansi informed that they had to observe the festival by staying indoors and maintaining safety protocol.
“We could not be as happy as the previous celebrations. There were no gatherings. Siruwa is the biggest festival of Rajbansi people- like Dashain of Hindu people,” she added. The festival is observed wishing happiness and purging of rage among the people.

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