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Corona’s Havoc In The Market And Business: Nepal

The rush in Hetauda market in Makwanpur has decreased due to the increase in the number of people infected with corona.
Image Highlighting Makwanpur District in Map of Nepal.

N24 Staff Writer, MAKWANPUR: The rush in Hetauda market in Makwanpur has decreased due to the increase in the number of people infected with corona. It has highly affected the business transactions. Although business firms, retail and wholesale shops and cooperatives are operating, there are complaints that their sales are very low.

Gajendra Chaulagain, a businessman from Hetauda, ​​said that the business are shattered due to Corona’s panic and low business transactions. Corona’s fears have stopped people from leaving their homes. Emphasis has been placed on wearing masks, maintaining social distance and using sanitizers as per the criteria set by the consumers and local government in the market.

The District Administration Office has banned traffic inside and outside the district after corona infection appeared in Hetauda and surrounding areas. A meeting of COVID-19 Crisis Management Center (CCMC) held at the District Administration Office has banned people from going to other districts from Makwanpur and coming to Makwanpur from other districts till August 16. Chief District Officer of Makwanpur, Deepak Raj Nepal, said that the movement from one district to another has been stopped for the prevention, control and management of the infection in view of the possibility of the infection spreading at the community level.

It has been prohibited to invite workers and laborers from outside the district in industries, factories and businesses within the district. Government employees traveling to and from other districts have been barred. Prajia Nepal informed that, work is underway to monitor whether the minimum standards of health and safety have been met in the market area.

Similarly, hotels and restaurants have been closed. According to the Ministry of Social Development of Bagmati, emphasis has been laid on the treatment, safety and monitoring of corona infected. Movement was barred to protect Makwanpur from infection, after the high incidence of corona was found in neighboring districts, Bara and Parsa. So far, corona infection has been found in 54 people in Makwanpur district.

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