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Conflict In NRN-America: fixture planned by Shesh Ghale not to allow NRN-American representation in Kathmandu Conference

Purushottam Dhakal, Los Angeles: As the elected committee of present NRN-America National coordination council has been converging a rays of hope in the Nepali American community that has been always at the center of public attention or notoriety with the Conflict, divergence and clash since very long. As with the pure intention the newly elected NRN-America is working to support the motherland as it is suffering from a devastating earthquake, there has been intentional interfere being demonstrated by few muscular men within the Association. Regional deputy Coordinator Mr. Sonam Lama’s and general secretary Kumar Pant’s negative attitude and interference have made the pure intention of serving the motherland at her difficult day into a dilemma. Disagreeing with the recent election result, 17 different candidates who were defeated by vast difference has complained the international Association Council regarding the alleging fraud assumption in the April 20th election. Without consulting the issue within the secretariat the central secretary Kumar Panta has issued the letter to the regional deputy coordinator Sonam Lama to provide the information regarding the issue relying on the truth and facts to the secretariat. Going beyond the his jurisdiction Sonam Lama has issued the letter to newly appointed President Keshav Paudel mentioning not to organize any activities of the Association which has created great turmoil on breaking favorable environment created after the victory of Mr. Paudel regarding the unification and cooperation tradition being developed within the short span of time between the Nepalese American community. Concluding that it’s beyond the jurisdiction the instruction dictated by lama has been ignored by the Paudel committee.
According to the Association’s central constitution, ‘National Coordination Councils are independent of their operation with the local law of the land of registration without getting conflict with association objectives’. One of the custodians claimed that ICC shouldn’t interfere the American election commission and judicial committee’s reconcile subjects.
As per the article 17.7 of NRN-ICC statute, it is stated that according to the need National Coordination Council can be formed or dissolved and recognition can be cancelled by the International Coordination Council. The dissolution or rollback of the affiliation of any National Coordination Council is clearly mentioned in the article 17.7.1 to 17.7.3 that else from local law restriction if it is denied to follow the objectives of the organization, not following the instruction of the International Coordination Council, fails to organize a national convention within a year of the formation of an ad – hoc committee. Contrary to the mentioned rules as the regional deputy coordinator Sonam Lama has issued the letter relying on the letter of Kumar Pant in order to restrict the right of the elected Committee and President has also opened the debate of level of jurisdiction.

SonamWho is Sonam Lama?
A resident of New York city who himself considers as the nearer or include himself within the closest camp of present NRN-ICC president Sesh Ghale. Basically, he is driven by muscle power rather than intellectual. He has the involvement with the Mother Land opposition party UCPN (Maoist). He was accused of attacking dozen of delegates of International Conference held in Kathmandu in 2013 by using YCL cadres. ICC-Member Rajendra Shiwakoti was also tortured by using a bunch of YCL cadres under Lama’s instruction and direction when he was in Kathmandu Conference in 2013.

How he became the regional deputy coordinator?
The American delegates of 2013 had already selected Rajendra Shiwakoti as regional deputy coordinator before heading to Kathmandu. However, by using the YCL muscular power he was able to make 40 representatives for International Conference investing from his own pocket as a result he had dramatically elected himself as regional deputy coordinator.
He has also invested from his pocket to make 100 ordinary members of America chapter. In the first election held in 2014 by the National Coordination Council on United State he has also invested from his own pocket to make 500 ordinary members and had also set up so called booth at New York to affect the election. He has also interfered Binod Rokka leading election commission by issuing the directive letters and threatening through telephone and was successful to postpone the election of ICC-Members which should be accomplished by 21 April 20115. Let’s get back to the two previous Presidents of National Coordination Council of United State s who weren’t able to complete their assigned tenure as Mr. Shaman Timilsina was sacked for financial irregularities and Praladh KC did arbitrary resigned.

For what he is doing all the cheap stuff? As the present NRN-ICC president Shesh Ghale has shown interest to go for the another tenure too, and as Lama considers himself as very close to Ghale he has grown ambition to be the next vice president with Ghal’s support. Almost for a decade being out of reach among Nepali American, the National Coordination Council has been changed to National Coordination Council with the highest number of members by the contribution of immediate president Khagendra KC. As KC has claimed for Centre Vice-President Lama couldn’t fetch his target easily.

Why there is Support from Ghale and Pant? As the National Coordination Council of United States became the national coordination council with the highest number of members, as almost 100 representatives from America will definitely play a key role in the selection of next leadership. Being frightened with the outcome Ghale’s and Pant’s present intention is to suspend the National Coordination Council of Unite States so as to make an easier path for next victory and Lama is playing a good devotee role.

Few royalist and a few members of Deuba’s faction members of the Public Relation Committee of America who got shameful defeat in the last election has been assisting and supporting actively to the Lama’s mission. It is clear that Lama’s Intention is not to let those some 100 representatives from the National Coordination Council of United States to be participate in the upcoming International conference in Kathmandu. One of the founders of NRN claimed that the raised issue is the step unnecessary moved by the Ghale to make himself easily reelected.

Published Date: Saturday, June 13th, 2015 | 11:32 PM

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