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Clean feed policy to be enforced thru administrative decision: Minister Dr Khatiwada

The government was preparing to implement the policy from October 24 this year whereas the advertising agencies have demanded implementation right from the beginning of the new fiscal year 2020/21.
(Minister for Communications and Information Technology Dr Yubaraj Khatiwada expressing his views after receiving a memorandum on the implementation of clean feed policy at the Ministry of Singha Durbar on Sunday, Kathmandu, 12 July, 2020. Photo: Roshan Sapkota-RSS)

KATHMANDU:- The government was seeking for legal basis if any decisions could be made through administrative manner when it comes to implementation of the Clean Feed Policy, according to Minister for Communication, Information and Technology Dr Yubaraj Khatiwada.
Minister Dr Khatiwada said so while receiving a memo submitted by the three advertising agencies in the country. The memo demanded an earliest enforcement of the Clean Feed Policy on foreign TV channels.
The government was preparing to implement the policy from October 24 this year whereas the advertising agencies have demanded implementation right from the beginning of the new fiscal year 2020/21.
The advertising agencies are of the view that the implementation of the policy would help create new jobs and expand the domestic advertising market.
The Nepal Media Society, Advertising Association of Nepal, Broadcasting Association of Nepal (BAN) and Community Radio Promotion Association jointly presented to the memo to Minister Khatiwada here today.
Although it’s been nearly a decade since the policy was floated and then it was endorsed by the Council of Ministers on July 23, 2016, it failed to reach the implementation phase for various reasons.
But lately, a positive environment was enabled to bring it in effect, according to the adverting agencies. Hence, the advertising agencies argue that there should not be any dillydally in its implementation.
Furthermore, they argue that by imposing clean feed policy on foreign tv channels, we could discourage import and thereby help decrease trade deficit. All the foreign tv channels to be broadcasted and distributed in within the territory of Nepal will be free of advertisements.
Stating that it was in the best interest of Nepal, they have pressed for its earliest implementation.
Minister Khatiwada extended gratitude for the memo and said that it had further given impetus to implement the policy at the earliest. He asserted that it was not only an economic agenda but also culture one.
He said that the government had a common objective to create Nepali advertisements targeted for the Nepali audiences. He also shared that process was ongoing to form a Advertising Board.
Similarly, the Minister informed that the Advertisement (Regulation) Bill would be formulated very soon to implement the Clean Feed Policy.
According to him, the Ministry of Communications, Information and Technology has already clearly refuted the act of some Indian TV channels that had broadcasted news attempting to malice and defame the Prime Minister of Nepal and had raised questions on the nationality and dignity of Nepal.
“The national and international media should run the stories adhering to the values of the journalism,” he viewed.
According to him, the Department of Information would be capacitated to regulate the foreign news contents.
Likewise, AAN President Rabindra Kumar Rijal said that the policy was in the best interest of Nepal and Nepali people.

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