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‘Chir’ installed at Basantapur indicating start of Phagu Festival

KATHMANDU: The Phagu Festival also known as Holi, the festival of clours, has commenced with the installation today of the ritualistic wooden pole ‘Chir’ at the Hnaumandhoka Palace premises based at historic Basantapur.
The pole was erected at the propitious hour of 7.57 am today, the time fixed by the Nepal Calendar Determination Committee, an employee at the Hnaumandhoka Durbar Care Office, Mitharam Pudasaini, said.
The Phagu Festival formally commences in the Kathmandu Valley after the installation of the Chir at Basantapur on the eighth day of the bright half of the month of Fagun as per the lunar calendar. The Phagu festival is celebrated with gaiety and fervor until the full moon day.
People smeared multi-colours at one another in celebration when the ritualistic Chir was installed at Basantapur today.
The Committee has given the time of 7.11 pm on March 9 for pulling down the Chir. A tuft of colourful cloth ribbons are tied atop the Chir.
The Phagu Festival is celebrated in the districts of the hilly region on March 9 and in the districts of the Tarai (the southern plain region) on March 10.
The next meeting of the NA will take place at 12:15 noon on Wednesday.

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