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Chinese Construction Projects In Nepal Moving On A Turtle’s Speed, Records Zero Progress In Past One Year

More than a dozen Chinese construction projects in Nepal have come to a standstill due to the Chinese contractors’ and consultants’ negligence and inability to take ahead the construction works in the past one year.

By N24 Correspondent, KATHMANDU:- The Chinese construction projects, in which Chinese contractors and consultants are involved, are moving in a very slow pace and the progress in the past one year was recorded zero, literally, according to experts in the field.

In Bhairahawa International Airport, where China’s North East Aviation company is contracted, the task of fitting a central air conditioned system is long overdue.

“It is just a work of two months to fit the AC, if the technicians work regularly. We don’t even have the knowledge as to when they will come from China. Due to the delay, we are not sure whether to extend the project or not,” said Pradeep Adhikari, a Director at the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal.

In Upper Trishuli 3B hydropower project, Chinese technicians have not returned to work for the past 11 months. They are still in China and are not furnishing clear answer as to why they are not coming.

“This project was supposed to be completed in March 2021. But it will take two more years than the expected time to complete the project now,” said Mohan Gautam, Managing Director of Trishuli Hydropower Company.

Two more hydropower projects in Rasuwa district, Sanjen (42.5 MW) and Upper Sanjen (14.8 MW) are stalled for a long time due to the same reason.

In 140 MW Tanahu hydropower project, Sino Hydro Corporation Limited, a Chinese company which was awarded the contract, has not been able to take ahead the construction works for the past one year.

“This project was supposed to be completed in December 2023, but will complete only in July 2025 now,” said Pradeep Kumar Thike, Director of the Tanahu Hydropower Company.

The other hydropower projects, which have been stalled, include Mid-Bhotekoshi in Sindhupalchok, Khimti-2 in Dolakha-Ramechhap, Langtang Stream in Rasuwa, Nyadi in Lamjung and Singati in Dolakha, among others.

The works of expanding Butwal-Narayangadh highway to four lanes has also been halted, while Nepal Telecom’s 4G expansion works and installing optical fiber in the mid-hill Lok Marga have come to a standstill.

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