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Charlize Theron Wants To Punch Women Who Pretend They’re Naturally Thin

(The Hot Hits): Hollywood star Charlize Theron is the latest actress to get caught up in a phone hacking scandal!

A shocking video of Charlize participating in a sex tape leaked online over the weekend… except that it was actually a parody video for the Funny or Die website.

The video shows Charlize ordering her leather clad ‘slaves’ to dance and cry for her while she yells at them.

Speaking into the camera, she says, “Oh my God, I’m so nervous. I’ve never made a sex tape before. I hope nobody sees this that’s not supposed to see this.”

She then yells, “Move over Paris and Kim cause I’m into some real kinky s**t,” and throws liquid over her victims saying, “Charlize Theron is burning you with scolding hot milk! Now for the bleeding.”

The video is part of a whole series of fake Charlize hacked videos, which also include the actress sitting on the toilet, and practising her Oscars speech.

It’s good to see a Hollywood actress who can laugh at herself!

Charlize Theron Wants To Punch Women Who Pretend They’re Naturally Thin

Charlize Theron is probably our favourite actress in Hollywood right now — because unlike most stars, she tells it like it is! She spoke to Hot Hits Live From LA host Andrew Gunsberg about her new movie Young Adult, and she spoke out about the myth that Hollywood actresses don’t get fat!

Charlize’s character Mavis lives off a steady diet of KFC and diet coke, and Charlize loved having the chance to pig out on junk food.

“I loved it, are you kidding me. It was like freebie, yeahhh I get to eat like a pig,” Charlize told thehothits.com.

“I love that people are like ‘what was in the diet coke? What did you really drink?’ I’m like ‘diet coke.’ ‘What’s the KFC chicken?’ ‘It’s KFC chicken!’

“I love those freebie days where you’re just like oh we’re going to shoot in a fast food restaurant all day, oh yeah I’m eating fast food all day!”

Andrew asked if all the fast food had any after effects — and we were pretty surprised by Charlize’s response.

Charlize said, “Of course! I get fat like everybody else. I hate those women that are like ‘I’m just naturally so thin.’ Pow! Punch you in the face. Everybody gets fat. That’s just, I’m sorry. Yeah.”

Young Adult is in cinemas Thursday January 19. We can’t wait to see it!

Published Date: Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012 | 06:47 PM

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