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Chairman Dahal’s accusations apolitical, impulsive: Prime Minister Advisor Rimal

"Such remarks float when we fail to believe in our power and status. Why is foreign interference necessary? Chairperson is chosen by party and PM by parliament. Any country involving in unnecessary interference in other country's affair should shun the tendency."
(Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Standing Committee Member and Chief Adviser to the Prime Minister Bishnu Prasad Rimal talking to the RSS about the dispute within the party and the way out now. Kathmandu, 22 November 2020. Photo: Chandrakala Chhetri-RSS)

KATHMANDU:- NCP Standing Committee Member and Chief Political Advisor to the Prime Minister Bishnu Rimal has claimed that the accusations levelled at party Chairman and PM KP Sharma Oli by another Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ were apolitical and impulsive.
Chief Advisor Rimal shared it with the National News Agency (RSS) while talking on the imbroglio in the ruling NCP. At a time when the cadres and lower rung leaders of the party are worried whether the party would split because of the intraparty feud, Rimal further viewed the accusations of Chairman Dahal are mere inhibition. To the current situation where PM and Chairman Oli has sought some days to furnish response to Dahal’s discontent and accusations over PM’s activities, he made it clear that efforts were made from within the party to corner PM Oli since the present government completed two years in February early this year.
After the discontents and accusation of Chairman Dahal and five other members of the Secretariat were made public, how PM and Chairman Oli will respond is a matter of curiosity for the party insiders and observers as well.
“The series of intimidation on PM and Chairman Oli began for nearly a year and is continuous now. The contentious issues in the party can be sorted out through dialogue. The paper presented by Chairman Dahal with much allegations on another Chairman Oli is ill-intended and impulsive. There are not any points to protest government from within the party. The troubled days during the unification must not be forgotten. The people’s mandate to the unified party is equally important. There are no divisions based on the party’s pre-unification status. The strength of vote the two parties got pre-unification was also not considered but the faith on unity. The unification was done not by counting number of leaders and members but the strength created by both parties,” he reminded.
According to leader Rimal, if the weightage of vote then CPN (Maoist Centre) and CPN-UML had got were made the basis for unification, it could be 75:25 ratio to UML and Maoist Centre factions. But the unification (formation of party committees) was made on 60:40 ratio. When the party unification was announced on May 17, 2018, it was also declared that party’s general convention would be held within two years and new leadership elected on the basis of consensus.
He admitted, “We however could not complete all activities under the unification process within the stipulated time for various reasons. So, the Standing Committee meeting of September 11 has rescheduled the general convention within coming April. Through the same meeting, the Chairmen duo furnished direction to the party rank and file accordingly.”
In response to a query why the decisions of party Standing Committee not implemented, Rimal complained that some leaders engaged in groupism rather than adopting party norms and consensus. It was sheer distribution of unjustifiable accusation by one Chair to another in the secretariat meeting. “It is a divisive politics leading party split. Such divisive steps are not acceptable to party,” he underscored.
Reminding the clear work division between the two Chairmen, he showed concern why the media propaganda of no-confidence motion against government was made after work division.
Most of the Standing committee members are however for implementation of party decision, he said, adding no new agenda is set in absence of agreement between two Chairmen of the party though Chairman Dahal is said to have executive role.
Moreover, Standing Committee member Rimal reminded that PM Oli is always ready to correct the mistakes if any. He is for review of the works. He for discussion on the criteria on any changes to be made in the party and in the decisions of the government. Chairman Dahal changed stand regarding the reshuffle of government. In case of the appointment of ambassadors, discussion was held between the two Chairmen. Chairman Dahal himself proposed Dr Yubaraj Khatiwada for the ambassador to the US. There is agreement in case of Lokdarshan Regmi too. How could one not believe that he spoke lies on it, Rimal wondered.
“The PM has not done anything in a unilateral manner,” he said, asserting that ambassador to South Africa was picked based on the direction of parliamentary special commission to adopt inclusion on appointments.

Similarly, he asserted that area expertise and competence are made basis for making appointments. Media can prove the rumours that political appointments belong to PM’s relatives. The PM has challenged in this regard. “It is not our duty to investigate reports relating to anything on social media. Responsibility is given based on efficiency.
Another talk, unlike the traditional parliamentary practice in the United States and the United Kingdom or in China where there is a provision that the government runs at the full command of communist party, in our reformed parliamentary system, the government operates as per laws and acts at policy level direction of the party. We must take this thing into account,” he underscored.

On patriotic image of PM Oli being questioned following his meeting with a special representative of the Indian government, the chief advisor of PM said there is a trend of organising a courtesy meeting between neighbouring countries. Any neighbouring country can send its representative for dialogues or talks. PM of Nepal proposed talks on border issues between Nepal and India when he telephoned Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and extended best wishes on the occasion of the Independency Day of India. PM Oli nodded to Indian PM Modi’s proposal to send a special messenger in response. As per the agreement, chief of RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) Samant Kumar Goel met with PM. In this regard, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was notified and informed of the meeting. A kind of talks on the border issue have started between Nepal and India. Shouldn’t leaders praise the government on this subject, he wondered.
With regards to written response to the NCP Secretariat by PM and its role in amplifying or resolving the disputes, he said that PM had already told that he would respond to the Secretariat to this effect and the Secretariat had granted permission. “We cannot predict what he would say in the response. But he in a meeting on November 18 said apolitical accusations against him were not acceptable. He cannot hold the position of both party chairperson and Prime Minister when the accusations are proved. But if they are not proved, the accusers should be responsible. The accusers should clarify on what basis and with what intention they brought the proposal,” he reminded.

Party unity and consensus as he said would strike thereafter. PM Oli is in favour of party unity and devotion.

On foreign interest and interference on NCP’s disputes, he said, “Such remarks float when we fail to believe in our power and status. Why is foreign interference necessary? Chairperson is chosen by party and PM by parliament. Any country involving in unnecessary interference in other country’s affair should shun the tendency.”

Relating to what would happen when there are divided opinions within the party Standing Committee and Central Committee following increasing party disputes, he said leaders at the Secretariat meeting may take decision with knowledge in this regard. They may clarify whether the base for party unity has been crumbled or not by making accusations. PM Oli has been telling that residence of party chair should not be the place of groupism. The party standing committee has directed party decisions to be away from factionalism.
Moreover, on reports about party’s preparations to recall PM through its decision with majority and what way PM would have in such situation, the NCP leader said, “We should not access what would happen when disintegration takes place. Primarily, a leader of that level like chair Dahal wrote the paper with accusation or he was lured into writing this paper, this should be clarified.”
On the paper of accusation regarding Chair Dahal telling that now it was PM who should sacrifice and he faced insults, Rimal observed the person who has become party chair should not have a small and immature heart. “We all are based on consensus when it comes to insults and sacrifices. We have not distributed shares based on popular votes. Allocations of the major post of President, Vice President, Speaker and Deputy Speaker have taken place based on a share basis. We should not forget it.”

On the second generations’ readiness to take up leadership beyond groupism amidst party’s preparations to organise its general convention, leader Rimal said this is a subject of discussion. There had been a provision that leader can hold position of executive chief of party and of government for two consecutive terms. Likewise, there was an age bar of 70 years for a leader to involve in active politics. These provisions were removed after the formation of the NCP.

He however pointed out the need for leadership transfer. The second generation should be ready for this. The party general convention would decide in this regard, Rimal added.

Leader Rimal talked to RSS reporter Prakash Silwal.

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For Indian tourists travelling by land:- 72 hours (-ve) C-19 report, CCMC form and Antigen Test at entry point

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