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Central business hub areas of Nepal sealed

The lifeline of the financial hub has been sealed. Officials decide to seal major commercial areas saying the number of infections is high. What will be the future of financial hub now?
(Central financial hub Newroad area is sealed. Photo: N24 Staff)

By Phurpa Sherpa, KATHMANDU:– Bishal bazaar, Thamel, New road area is considered as a financial hub and busiest high street of Nepal. After detecting Covid-19 positive in one of the lady’s items shop contract tracing had done to different people like the milkman, workers in a parking area, water supplier, security guard, and cash collectors.  One hundred twenty-nine people done their PCR test which came negative.

From today all the shops have been closed by the decision made by ward office said Mrs. Sobha Giri, from Chakrapath an owner of RJS Traders at Pako, Newroad. She added, “In my point of view the government should apply full lockdown at least two weeks so that people can be aware and it might help to control Covid-19 cases.” Day by day the cases of Covid-19 have been increasing in Kathmandu district as the people are also not being aware of the virus. In market place also people are not wearing masks and going out for unnecessarily outside.

“Not only in the market place in my shop customers entered without masks as we have been telling to come with masks. It was very tough to control the customers in my shop as they were not maintaining social distancing.” So, I’m really happy with the decision made by the ward office.

Laxman Maharjan, a local from Pako, Newroad said, I’m happy with the decision made by the ward chairman and we all should coordinate with it.  It is very important during this Covid-19 pandemic.

Salon, Beauty Parlour, and Gym club are closed but the restaurants and other shops have been running by maintaining social distancing as well as by following safety measures said, Sunil Jang shah, Police Deputy Superintendent. So, we are creating awareness to the public to wear masks, use sanitizer, and to follow the rules made by the government.

According to the chairman, Ward-22 of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Chin Kaji Maharjan, “Pako, Newroad area all the shops except the much-needed medicine and food shops will be closed till August 18 as in this area more Covid-19 cases had been increased so for that meeting was held for what can be done to this situation with Business Organization”.

As it is said, “prevention is better than care” so we did contract tracing of the different people, we are trying to maintain social distancing for that we plan to close the market for a certain time and conducted a PCR test. He added, 129 people had PCR test and their result was negative, I have also talked with Kathmandu Metropolitan City mayor.

About to fulfill our demand like every people from Lalitpur, Bhaktapur should be done PCR test before entering Kathmandu district and should also be kept at quarantine as many Hotels, lounge around new road area is this day empty.

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