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Census of swamp deer underway at Shuklaphanta National Park

KANCHANPUR: The census of swamp deer in the Shuklaphanta National Park has been underway since Sunday.
The census started on the joint efforts of park and National Trust for Nature Conservation in an interval of five years is being undertaken with the help of 25 technical human resources.
The team has been divided into multiple groups to conduct the survey of populations of swamp deer. It will conclude on April 18.
In the previous 2013 census, 2,301 swamp deer, the highest number in the world, were counted here. So far, the enumerators have caught the sightings of over 1,900 swamp deer. “We are sure that this time the number will surpass the previous record,” one of the park employees deputed in the counting. The census of blue bull is taking place along with swamp deer.
The park covering an area of 305 kilometers incorporates the country largest grassland from where visitors can take the views of animal at close range.
Similarly, the park is celebrating the 24th Wildlife Week with the theme of ‘collaboration for wildlife conservation’. The week had also begun Sunday. The park is home to 16 Royal Bengal tigers;17 rhinoceros; and over 400 species of birds.

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