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Nepal Pledges to Improve Climbing Conditions on Everest

KATHMANDU, (AP): Mountaineering officials say Nepal is improving weather forecasting systems, stepping up security and promises swift rescues if needed

Nepal: With Dad and the Mother of the World

By Nicholas Jones: Twenty-six years ago, Nicholas Jones' father tested his youthful stamina on the mountainsides of Nepal. Recently, he

New political protests in Nepal may ruin peak season tourism…

International tourists, who bring in dollars to Nepal, tend to delete Nepal from the list of destinations that they would

Govt provides Rs 700,000 to ultra runner Pandit

KATHMANDU: A meeting of the Council of Ministers on Friday decided to provide Rs 700,000 to ultra runner and mountaineer

Nepal’s High-Risk Helicopter Rescue Unit

By Freddie Wilkinson :: "The look on people's faces was total panic," says American helicopter pilot Aaron Mauck. "You could

Nuwakot, an authentic taste of rural Nepal without the tourist…

Trishuli, NUWAKOT: Nepalese sunrises are part of many a tourist itinerary. The popular hilltops of Pokhara and Nagarkot, just outside

Climber and guide Kenton Cool on Kathmandu, Nepal

For me, Kathmandu is the start of something special. Almost every expedition to Nepal, to Everest and Annapurna, starts and

The Last Of Nepal’s Car Porters Recalls Life Without Roads

AMMU KANNAMPILLY, Chitlang (Nepal) (AFP): At 92, Dhan Bahadur Gole is the last known survivor of a generation of porters

Nepal’s Fifteen-Hour Jeep Ride From Hell

By CHRIS BRINLEE JR :: The Jeep Ride From Hell is a 15 hour journey (if you’re lucky) from the

Nepal cuts Mount Everest climbing rates

Anbarasan Ethirajan, (BBC News): The cost of climbing Mount Everest on its Nepal side has been cut by more than

6 ways to do Nepal without climbing mountains

By Malavika Bhattacharya, KATHMANDU, (CNN): Mention Nepal and most people think snow-capped scenes, of 7,000-meter mountains and the climbers raring

French mountaineer falls off cliff‚ dies

SOLUKHUMBU: A French mountaineer died after falling from a cliff during his return after scaling the Mera Peak in Solukhumbu.

Thurston vet Heather conquers unclimbed peak in Nepal

By Paul Derrick: After braving plummeting temperatures and breaking physical and mental barriers, a 53-year-old vet has become one of

NTB clears arrears following CIAA direction

KATHMANDU: The Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) has clears its arrears distributed to its employees following the direction from the Commission

Everest region: Sixth Best Destination :: By Bradley Mayhew

We don’t really need to sell you on the mountain glories of the Khumbu region; just a whisper of the

Nepal listed on ten coolest places to visit in 2015

KATHMANDU: Nepal has been listed as the top ten coolest countries in the world to visit in 2015 by the

Return to Nepal: Snow Sampling :: By Ulyana Horodyskyj

After working hard on the glacial lakes of Ngozumpa glacier, it was onwards and upwards to an unexplored glacier near

Nepal avalanche: Insurance company won’t pay for airlift

The head of a Quebec adventure-travel company says he’s on the hook for thousands of dollars for the cost of

Nepal and China sign agreement to develop mountain tourism

KATHMANDU: Nepal and China have signed an agreement to promote bilateral cooperation in the areas of mountaineering and tourism. President

Nepal: a new frontier for trail runners

The Annapurna Ultra mountain run might just put the country on the map. What happened when our writer gave it