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The Perils of Paradigm Economics

“The era of big government is over,” then-US President Bill Clinton proclaimed in 1996. But President Joe Biden’s multi-trillion-dollar spending

Is America Losing the Digital-Currency Race?

America’s global position is slipping. The reign of the dollar is waning as China, Russia, and other potentially hostile countries

MAGA Maoism

How does former US President Donald Trump still command the Republican Party’s complete allegiance? Everyone knows he has terrible judgment

Transforming Education After the Pandemic

As many countries cautiously reopen classrooms, schools remain crucial barometers of our progress toward ending the COVID-19 crisis. We need

The Added Value of Vaccination

More than six months after the first COVID-19 vaccines became available, it should be clear to everyone that vaccines alone

The End of Globalization as We Know It

For most people, globalization has for decades been another name for across-the-board liberalization. Starting mainly in the 1980s, governments allowed

Unlocking Girls’ Potential Through Technology

When COVID-19 first appeared, some called it the “great equalizer,” because viruses do not discriminate according to socioeconomic factors. But

The G7 Vaccine Charade

In a recent essay on Samantha Power, President Joe Biden’s new administrator of the United States Agency for International Development,

The Chinese Economy’s Great Wall

As we move through 2021, there are more signs of a return to pre-pandemic normalcy, at least in countries not

The End of the Islamic Republic

Iran’s presidential election on June 18 was the most farcical in the history of the Islamic regime – even more

Biden Is Back, America Isn’t

America is back. That was the key message US President Joe Biden sought to convey during his first trip abroad

After the Biden-Putin Geneva summit: Of President’s dilemma and confrontational…

Was the, with little expectations, but a lot of combinations and nervousness, awaited summit of the Presidents of America and

The Gaps in Bidenomics

US President Joe Biden has set out to emulate Franklin D. Roosevelt by spending huge amounts of money, something that

China Needs Higher Inflation

Recent price increases in the world’s two largest economies have unnerved global markets, which have become accustomed to the low

Switzerland’s Brexit Moment

The Swiss government’s recent withdrawal from long-running negotiations on a framework agreement with the European Union has triggered a deep

Does NATO Have an Arms-Control Brain?

Under Donald Trump, NATO was lucky just to stay alive. Indeed, in 2019, French President Emmanuel Macron warned that the

What Is the Point of the Olympics?

Kaori Yamaguchi, an Olympic medalist in judo and an executive member of the Japanese Olympic Committee, made an astonishing statement

Vaccines for All or Vaccine Apartheid?

The G7 summit starting on Friday will mark the first time that world leaders have met in person for almost

An Update on the Cuban Missile Crisis

As US President Joe Biden prepares to meet with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, the stakes might not seem all

School Reopening Can’t Wait

With the COVID-19 pandemic now well into its second year, safely reopening schools has become an urgent priority. School attendance