Where Biden Should Be More Like Trump

In his inaugural address, US President Joe Biden declared that Americans “will be judged” for how they “resolve the cascading

Not Knowing What You Stand For Deborah Birx and Public…

Pity the public health official tasked with convincing those beyond convincing that a pandemic crisis is worthy of serious consideration.

Does Pandemic Debt Relief Work?

The COVID-19 pandemic has spread globally and will not be over until it has been brought under control everywhere. Hence,

The End of Liberal Diplomacy

On December 11, then-President Donald Trump proclaimed that the United States would recognize Morocco’s sovereignty over the disputed Western Sahara,

Boris Johnson Must Change His Act

Some of the United Kingdom’s right-wing newspapers – supporters of both Brexit and its principal advocate, Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Sunk before Service: Australia’s Disastrous Submarine Project

One only gets into the submarine procurement business to spite government treasurers and economic managers. Efficiency and effectuality are bonus

The Internet Versus Democracy

Plenty has been said, and rightfully so, about the violent insurrection at the US Capitol on January 6. Politicians are

How to Tackle Vulnerable Countries’ Triple Crisis

The year 2020 changed everything. The world now faces interconnected health, economic, and climate crises that have no historical parallel. These

Europe’s Vaccination Debacle

A storm is raging over the European Union’s failure to have ordered more of the approved COVID-19 vaccines ahead of

Trigger Finger for Armageddon: Trump and the Thermonuclear Monarchy

It is the sort of breezy, skimpy and careless reasoning that is laying the ground for the Biden Republic. A

China’s Debt Grip on Africa

The pandemic is confronting highly indebted poor countries with a fateful dilemma. As Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, a Nobel

Why Biden Should Abandon Trump’s Failed Trade War with China

When President-elect Joe Biden is inaugurated next week, he will quickly move to transform most dimensions of US policy. A


Certainly, I was one amongst those who have been seeing the positive aspects of the Trump administration during the last

Xi Jinping’s Strategic Overreach

The year 2020 will be remembered not only for the COVID-19 shock and the end of Donald Trump’s presidency in


There is no doubt that President Trump was a controversial figure. But, he was not that unpopular amongst American citizens,

Europe After Brexit

“The UN was not founded to take mankind to heaven, but to save humanity from hell,” the United Nations’ first

Carbon Pricing Now

US President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration comes just a month after the fifth anniversary of the Paris climate agreement, auguring long-overdue

Globalizing the COVID Vaccine

The development and approval of safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines less than a year after the start of the pandemic

The Sino-American Race to Zero

As the United States prepares for a radical course-correction on climate change, China is raising its game. Climate action has

Arab Hope Springs Eternal

The Arab Spring that began on December 17, 2010, is a somewhat uncomfortable subject a decade later. Seldom has such