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What Was Different About the Latest Gaza Fighting?

The Gaza Strip is among the most densely populated and impoverished parts of the Middle East. It is also one

Modi’s Damaging Dominance

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently completed eight years in office, and as India approaches the 75th anniversary of its

Trump’s True Believers

NEW YORK:- There can no longer be any doubt about the facts of what happened in Washington, DC on January

Russia’s Looming Defeat in Ukraine

WASHINGTON, DC:- It is easy to see who is losing the most from the Russian invasion of Ukraine: Ukrainian civilians,

Why Are Financial Markets So Complacent?

LONDON:- Do you believe in fairy tales? If so, you could probably earn good money nowadays as a financial trader

Ukraine’s War Viewed from China

BEIJING:- Is Russia’s invasion of Ukraine merely the first in a series of conflicts that will make Europe seem more

The True Meaning of Cybersecurity

BERLIN:- When we talk about cybersecurity, we usually think of commercial antivirus software, ransomware attacks on large corporations, or leaks

The ECB’s Political Overreach

FRANKFURT:- In mid-June, as the yield on Italian ten-year bonds was rising to around 250 basis points above that of

Helping Asylum Seekers in Northern Cyprus

NORTH NICOSIA :- On May 24, 2021, three Cameroonian asylum seekers left the north of Cyprus in an attempt to

Deglobalization’s China Wild Card

The widely acclaimed globalization of the post-Cold War era is now running in reverse. A protracted slowdown in global trade

America’s Dangerous Descent into Violence

NEW YORK:- The mass shootings that regularly disrupt American life should not be viewed simply as random acts. They reflect

The Problem with the Current Russia Sanctions Regime

It has been five months since Europe and the United States imposed tough economic and financial sanctions on Russia, a

Why Sri Lanka Imploded

As Sri Lanka’s economy unravels before our eyes, one must ask how this could happen in a country that is

Boris Johnson’s Fall – and Ours

Nearly all political careers end in failure, but Boris Johnson is the first British prime minister to be toppled for

Biden’s Return to Realism in Saudi Arabia

US President Joe Biden’s visit to Saudi Arabia is proving to be more than a little controversial. After taking a

Putin Is No Peter the Great

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s brutal aggression against Ukraine is explainable only as an attempt to fulfill an imperialist fantasy –

Is China Winning Latin America?

Is the West losing Latin America? During the Cold War, this question was feverishly discussed in Washington, DC, and beyond.

A Requiem for Women’s Rights in America

The US Supreme Court’s elimination of the right to abortion is a devastating setback for American women. Never in its

The Dollar Rules

The first half of 2022 has been traumatic. Equity markets have suffered one of their worst six-month periods ever. Government

An Inflation-Adjusted Social Contract for Europe

With energy prices high and rising, and inflation soaring, it is starting to look like the late 1970s all over