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The Case for a Food Systems Stability Board

The COVID-19 pandemic, rising rates of global poverty and inequality, persistent conflict, and the escalating climate and biodiversity crises are

The Evolution of American Capitalism

Jonathan Levy, a historian at the University of Chicago, is a leader in the burgeoning movement to place capitalism at

The Danger of “Nothing to Lose”

Presidents, generals, dictators, and ordinary people take big risks when they have nothing to lose, similar to a quarterback in

Biden’s Cruel Summer

A political leader’s performance and legacy are usually defined more by how he handles his inbox than by whether he

The Transformative Power of Early Education

In the small northern Croatian town of Orehovica, preschoolers get together twice a week to play and learn. The classes,

The G7, the UN, and Afghanistan’s Future

This week, G7 leaders will convene to discuss Afghanistan. It’s crucial that the G7 leaders think clearly about the important

Star Trek Versus Imperialist Doctrine

On February 9, 1967, hours after the US Air Force pounded Haiphong Harbor and several Vietnamese airfields, NBC television screened

How to Reap a Demographic Dividend

Mozambique often makes international headlines these days because of its frequent cyclones and the worsening conflict in the north of

The Failed Coup that Failed Russia

Thirty years ago this month, a group of communist hardliners seized control of Moscow and placed Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev

Afghanistan Was Always About American Politics

Now that so many sad truths about Afghanistan are being spoken aloud, even in the major media – let me

The Opportunity in Aging

Media coverage of the world’s aging population, especially in wealthy OECD countries, tends to be angst-ridden. Headline writers and researchers

The Real Failure Is Pakistan

There is only one good thing about the fact that the 20th anniversary of the September 11, 2001, terror attacks

Terror and the Taliban

By hastily withdrawing American troops from Afghanistan, US President Joe Biden has made a grave mistake, or so many argue.

Blood in the Sand

The magnitude of the United States’ failure in Afghanistan is breathtaking. It is not a failure of Democrats or Republicans,

When America Remade the World Economy

At 2:29 p.m. on Friday, August 13, 1971, US President Richard M. Nixon walked out of the White House, boarded

The Fed’s State of Exception

Over the past few months, there has been a growing chorus of economic observers voicing concerns about the increase of

The Carbon Price Conundrum

With less than three months until the United Nations climate change summit (COP26) in Glasgow in November, formal and informal

A Dangerous New Variant of Populism

Most of the “geopolitical” threats, real or confected, that capture headlines in the West nowadays are exogenous – emanating from

Will Central Bank Digital Currencies Doom Dollar Dominance?

August 13-15 marks the 50th anniversary of “the weekend that changed the world,” when US President Richard Nixon suspended the

The Political Lessons of COVID-19

If an evil mind were to engineer the perfect virus to wipe out an animal species, it would choose the