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Only six percent of children officially registered within 35 days…

KATHMANDU:- The number of children whose births are legally recorded within 35 days of their births is just six percent

No of tigers double in Shuklaphanta

KANCHANPUR:- The number of tigers in Shuklaphanta National Park has doubled. The number of spotted tigers has increased to 36

461 cases of divorce registered in Syangja

KATHMANDU:- A total of 461 cases of divorce have been registered in the District Court, Syangja, in the last fiscal

No one wins U.S. Mega Millions, jackpot now over $1B

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP):- A giant Mega Millions lottery jackpot ballooned to $1.02 billion after no one matched all six

Hope and despair: Kathy Gannon on 35 years in Afghanistan

By KATHY GANNON, KABUL, Afghanistan (AP):- The Afghan policeman opened fire on us with his AK-47, emptying 26 bullets into

Police: Amazon fisherman confesses to killing missing pair

By FABIANNO MAISONNAVE, EDMAR BARROS and MAURICIO SAVARESE, MANUS, Brazil (AP):- A fisherman confessed to killing a British journalist and

Global warming: even cacti can’t take the heat

PARIS, (AFP):- Sixty percent of cactus species will wind up in less hospitable climates over the coming decades as global

Bhairav Aryal Memorial Prize Goes To Poet Hari Kala Upreti

BAGMATI:- This year's Bhairav Aryal Memorial Prize was conferred on Hari Kala Upreti, a humourist poet from Bhaktapur district. The

37 languages on verge of extinction in Nepal being preserved

KATHMANDU:- The Language Commission has started preservation of a total of 37 languages with less than 1,000 native speakers and

Durga Prasad gets Rs 800,000 from West Bengal Government

JHAPA:- Durga Prasad Timalsina who had been languished in various jails in India without trail for 40 years and released

Sarus crane population on decline with shrinking wetland area

By Rajendra Prasad Paneru, KANCHANPUR:- The population of the Sarus crane, a bird that lives in wetland areas, is in

China’s birth rate at record low in 2021: official

BEIJING, (AFP):- China's birth rate plummeted to a record low last year, official data showed Monday, as analysts warn that

The heat stays on: Earth hits 6th warmest year on…

By SETH BORENSTEIN, (AP):- Earth simmered to the sixth hottest year on record in 2021, according to several newly released

Almost 80 pc of Afghan journalists changed profession post-Taliban takeover

KABUL:- Nearly 80 per cent of Afghan journalists changed their profession after the Taliban took control of the country. Journalists'

Two lost art objects being repatriated from America

NEW YORK:- The Consulate General of Nepal and the Rubin Museum of Art, New York, USA jointly announced today the

US surgeons successfully implant pig heart in human

WASHINGTON, (AP):- US surgeons have successfully implanted a heart from a genetically modified pig in a human patient, a first

Census of winter migratory birds launched in Chitwan

CHITWAN:- Counting of winter migratory birds is underway in the Chitwan National Park (CNP) and adjoining area. The census that

Wild buffalo life at CNP comes under threat, animal vanishing…

By Narayan Adhikari, CHITWAN:- The survival of wild water buffalo at the Chitwan National Park is at risk for the

Dubai ruler must pay ex-wife $700M in divorce settlement

By JILL LAWLESS, LONDON (AP):- A British court has ordered the ruler of Dubai to pay his ex-wife and their

Vulture restaurant gradually developing as tourism hotspot

By Basudev Poudel, NAWALPUR:- The vulture restaurant that was established in 2006 AD in Pithauli, Nawalpur for the conservation of