”This is a very serious and tragic set of actions…

QUESTION: A Fox News alert now, the United States leveling perhaps the most serious charge a country can face, accusing

Concise history of international development – from the UN University…

As part of the Geneva Lecture Series concepted and conducted by prof. Anis H. Bajrektarevic, United Nations University Rector and

Bhakta Thapa’s Journey From Sankhuasabha, Nepal To California, USA

(Thapa, who hailed originally from a middle class family of the hilly district of Sankhuasabha, has completed his more than

India vaccine maker sees virus as wake-up call

By ANIRUDDHA GHOSAL, NEW DELHI (AP):- The coronavirus pandemic is a “wake up call” for governments to invest more in

Chairman Dahal’s accusations apolitical, impulsive: Prime Minister Advisor Rimal

KATHMANDU:- NCP Standing Committee Member and Chief Political Advisor to the Prime Minister Bishnu Rimal has claimed that the accusations

Constituent Assembly Chair Nembang says unanimous approval of constitution is…

KATHMANDU:- Chairman of the Constituent Assembly (CA) Subas Nembang played a crucial role to promulgate the Constitution of Nepal amid

The Vaccine Alliance, has received almost $10 billion to enable…

This week, PS talks with Ian Goldin, Professor of Globalization and Development at the University of Oxford and the co-author

Are Masks and the hand sanitizers we use safe for…

By Phurpa Sherpa, Kathmandu:- With the increment in the number of COVID-19 cases in the country, people are being more aware

Is COVID-19 outbreak affecting the regular treatment in hospital?

By N24 Staff Writer, KATHMANDU:- Day by day COVID-19 cases has been increasing in the Capital for which people are

Tremendous Hike in Vegetables Price in Nepal

By N24 STAFF WRITER, KATHMANDU:- Vegetable prices increased sharply in the Kathmandu Valley on reduced deliveries as furious floods following nonstop

How People feel about management of Quarantine services of Nepal

By N24 STAFF WRITER, KATHMANDU:- Raj Badhyakar, a local resident of Lalitpur came from Kuwait after 5 years to Kathmandu

Interview: ‘You Can Criticize The CCP, But You Must Not…

Cai Xia, a retired professor of the Central Party School of the Chinese Communist Party, following recent public criticism of

Mark Leonard Says More…

Project Syndicate: You have indicated how European integration “could serve as a backstop for national sovereignty, rather than posing a

Covid-19 initiated Economic Crisis heading towards critical situations for daily…

By N24 Staff Writer, KATHMANDU:- A buzzing, visitor-friendly area, Thamel is the city’s main nightlife zone. Bars blast out live

Covid-19 turns out as a curse to the Tourism sector

By Phurpa Sherpa, KATHMANDU:- COVID-19 pandemic has caused widespread disruption in socioeconomic activities including the tourism sector. Mountaineering Guide Dawa

Interview: Heat’s Leonard stands for anthem, explains why

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. (AP):- Meyers Leonard has a brother who served two tours in Afghanistan with the U.S. Marines.

“Aama couldn’t collect as expected”, says Kollywood Actress Mithila Sharma

By Dikshya Tiwari, KATHMANDU: After four months Nepal Government fully lifted the four months of lockdown. Despite the end of

Towards the pan-European Recalibration

Seventy-five years after the Victory Day and Nuremberg Trials, the Vienna Process has leveraged on the current time of crisis


When Imperial County emerged as California’s number one hot spot in COVID-19 infection rates, it exposed three variables – low

Interview: Jorge G. Castañeda Says More…

Project Syndicate: As you note in your latest PS commentary, the problems exposed by America’s triple crisis of COVID-19, economic