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Women reach the top in Nepal’s trekking industry

BINAJ GURUBACHARYA, POKHARA, Nepal (AP): When Lucky, Dicky and Nicky Chettri tried to break into Nepal's male-dominated trekking industry 20

Government Dismisses Reports of Abuse of Tibetans

New York: The Nepali government’s denial of mistreatment of Tibetans in Nepal is not supported by facts, Human Rights Watch

Nepal’s crackdown on migrant worker exploitation

Pete Pattisson, KATHMANDU: The Nepalese government has launched a crackdown on rogue recruitment agencies in an effort to stamp out

China and Nepal agree to cooperate on mountain science

Kieran Dodds, KATHMANDU: China has agreed to share scientific knowledge with Nepal on the effects of climate and environmental changes

NA peacekeepers win hearts in foreign land

KATHMANDU: "Peace keeping is not soldier's job, but only the soldiers can do it." This adage which encourages the peace

China made MA60 conducts successful test flight in Nepal

KATHMANDU (Xinhua): China-made air carrier, 58- seater Modern Ark 60 (MA60) that landed in Nepal on Sunday has successfully conducted

Nepal rural field workers uncertain under climate change

KATHMANDU: Life is a daily challenge for the families of this village of terraced maize fields and tin-roofed homes tucked

Fresh avalanches dash last hopes for blighted Everest season

By Gopal Sharma, KATHMANDU (Reuters): Fresh ice avalanches struck on a perilous route where 16 Everest sherpas were killed last

Among Nepal’s hill farmers, climate adaptation pursues profit not charity

Laurie Goering, LUMLE, Nepal (Thomson Reuters Foundation): Twice a week, Sonya Buddhatoki, a vegetable buyer from the district capital of

Nepal Receives First China-made Aircraft

KATHMANDU: The long wait of Nepal government to receive the first China-made air carrier has finally been over Sunday afternoon

Everest tragedy exposes big business behind noble pursuit

By John Chalmers and Gopal Sharma, KATHMANDU, (Reuters): Blogging from Everest base camp after 16 sherpas were killed by an

Nepal passes bill offering amnesty for war crimes

KATHMANDU (AFP): Former Maoist rebels and security forces who committed torture, killings and other crimes during Nepal's decade-long civil war

Landslide blocks Nepali tunnel, 16 trapped

KATHMANDU (Reuters): Sixteen workers including a Chinese national have been trapped by a landslide inside the tunnel of a hydroelectric

More teams withdraw, Nepal’s Everest season in jeopardy

BY GOPAL SHARMA, KATHMANDU, (Reuters): Several foreign climbing expeditions have called off attempts to scale Everest following an avalanche that

Climate change likely to make Everest even riskier

NEW DELHI (AP): Climbing to the roof of the world is becoming less predictable and possibly more dangerous, scientists say,

Most Sherpas Decide to Leave Everest for Season

By BINAJ GURUBACHARYA, KATHMANDU (AP): Most Sherpas mountain guides have decided to leave Mount Everest, a guide said, confirming a

Nepali sherpa families cremate Everest victims, anger grows

By Gopal Sharma, KATHMANDU (Reuters): Nepali families cremated eight Mount Everest sherpas on Monday as anger grew over how much

Survivors recall chaos, fear in Everest avalanche

Binaj Gurubacharya, KATHMANDU (AP): Survivors of Mount Everest's deadliest avalanche recalled scenes of panic and chaos, describing Sunday how they

Deadliest Day: Sherpas Bear Everest’s Risks

By ELLEN BARRY and GRAHAM BOWLEY, NEW DELHI (NY Times): The Sherpas always go first, edging up the deadly flank

Avalanche kills at least 12 guides in deadliest incident on…

Gopal Sharma, KATHMANDU, April 18 (Reuters): An avalanche sweeping down Mount Everest killed at least 12 Nepali guides on Friday