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Next door Nepal: Ball is not just in the court

The euphoria over the successful conduct of the polls, the first under the new constitution, is fast giving way to

Tidbits From NSG Special Group Meeting In 2017 – OpEd

Membership of India and Pakistan in the Nuclear Suppliers Group is in the cold storage and pending as of now

Trump Love Endures – OpEd

The recently published book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House is an inside account of the Donald Trump

Orthodox Christmas, Oaks and Casual Cruelties

Bujanovac The man, gristle and all, perched on his stick, a statue lost in a mess of dirt ridden clothes,

Is Nepal falling for China’s soft power charm offensive?

The class of young schoolchildren in western Kathmandu, capital of Nepal, thought they were just learning some new Chinese words.

Trapped in Zurich and Waiting for Belgrade

On Route to Belgrade The stick insect with pale lips, a jaunty manner, and the sense of still being attached

Gangs, Race and Melbourne

Two’s a company; three’s a crowd. More? This issue is preoccupying political and policing figures in the city considered by

The Oppression of Bleakness: Ilya and Emilia Kababov at the…

Installation art deserves its reputation in many quarters as trumped up and pretentious, an exaggeration dressed up as a profound

Cost And Indulgence: Gloating Over New Year’s Celebrations – OpEd

The gloating over the forthcoming New Year celebrations has already commenced. The first big city to feature on the roundups

Strained Pak-US Ties: All is Not Lost

Pakistan has always desired and wanted sustainable peace, stability and prosperity in the region. For that reason it stayed pragmatic


Mr. Modi was voted to power as India’s Prime Minister with overwhelming majority three years back, primarily due to the

Communist coalition concludes Nepal’s political transition

The completion of federal and provincial elections in December 2017 marks the end of an almost 12-year political transition and

China’s Moment in Nepal: Implications for India

If the winner in the recent Nepal elections, the Left alliance, wanted to send out a message that it would

Nepal’s leftist victory and the changing trans-Himalayan order

The Himalayan nation of Nepal, which has been mired in violence and political chaos for two decades, has taken a

The Beginning Of An Era Of Stability For Nepal?

While the people of Nepal were celebrating Dashain, an annual festival in October, the leading two Communist Parties, the United


The recent Government of India’s move, such as continuing bankruptcy filings with the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) for some

Oh For Godsake, Leave Jill Stein Alone

I’ve known Jill Stein for years. I knew weeks ago that the Senate “Intelligence” Committee was coming after her. I

What Caused the Left Alliance’s Landslide Victory in Nepal?

In the recently concluded elections for the House of Representatives (Nepal’s lower house) and provincial assemblies of Nepal, the two

Gorbachev Was Promised No NATO Expansion

For decades the pretense has been maintained that there is some doubt as to whether the United States really promised

Linguistic Devolution and Ye Ol’ Resistance

Trump has banned doctors from using seven words: “vulnerable,” “entitlement,” “diversity,” “transgender,” “fetus,” “evidence-based” and “science-based.” Pretty lame words compared