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The Bonfire of the Currencies?

Ready or not, the financial world is being forced to face the possibility of a future without traditional notes and

The Greening of the Kremlin

In a 1970s-era Soviet joke, the Politburo resurrects Stalin and asks him what it should do to combat economic stagnation

Glasgow, Greta, and Good Intentions

Both anxiety and hope are increasing in the run-up to the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow. There

The Tribalist Threat to Climate Action

Two global struggles – Cold War II and the fight against climate change – are colliding. By agreeing to hold

Tax the Rich!

“The taxation system has tilted toward the rich, and away from the middle class, in the last ten years. It

Is Climate Diplomacy Possible?

Climate change is the ultimate test of whether it is possible for countries both to compete for global dominance and

High Oil Prices Can Help the Environment

Prices of fossil fuels increased sharply in October. European prices for natural gas hit a record peak. Prices for thermal

An Appeal to Pope Francis

Most Holy Father, Inspired by your messages on interdependence and sharing, we humbly bring to your attention the issue of

The Risks and Opportunities of Private Debt

In a global economy increasingly fueled by credit, the market for private debt has emerged as a new frontier for

Holding Multinational Corporations Accountable for Human Rights

At the end of October, an intergovernmental working group will meet again to push for an international treaty governing multinational

The Revenge of Supply

Surging inflation, skyrocketing energy prices, production bottlenecks, shortages, plumbers who won’t return your calls – economic orthodoxy has just run

China’s Journey into the Unknown

China watchers have grown ever more anxious as President Xi Jinping has concentrated power in his own hands, and as

China Must Restore Growth

China is having an eventful month, marked by proliferating power-supply disruptions and the debt crisis of the country’s second-largest property

Learning to Manage the China Threat

When US President Bill Clinton backed China’s accession to the World Trade Organization, he suggested that the move would spark

The EU Must Step Up in Glasgow

The United Kingdom’s prime minister, Boris Johnson, may not appeal to everyone – especially European Union leaders put off by

Biden’s Trap

When the election gods handed Joe Biden the presidency in 2020, they set a trap that he walked right into.

No More Pandemic Have-Nots

COVID-19 has bifurcated the world like almost nothing else. The wealthiest countries have more than enough vaccine doses with which

China’s Self-Destructive Tech Takedown

Global equity markets appear transfixed by the Chinese property developer Evergrande, which seems poised to default on part of its

The Pandora Papers and the Threat to Democracy

The “Pandora Papers,” a new investigation led by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, has fueled outrage around the world.

After “Doing Business”

Earlier this year, the World Bank commissioned me and five fellow academics to develop recommendations on how to improve the