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The Roots of Resistance

KYIV:- After months of artillery shelling, rocket attacks, and the mayhem unleashed by Russia’s invasion of my country, the very

Understanding the US-China Rivalry

MILAN:- The war in Ukraine has not changed America’s strategic priorities. China, not Russia, remains the greatest challenge to the

Why the Inflation Reduction Act Is a Big Deal

US Senate Democrats’ compromise bill, the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) of 2022, addresses not just inflation but also several key

The Danger of Nuclear Reactors in War

LOS ANGELES:- The Russian Army’s march into Ukraine on February 24 was horrific for many reasons, not least because it

How to Win Friends and Drain Russia’s War Machine

STOCKHOLM:- The Western sanctions on Russia over its aggression against Ukraine are growing tighter. The biggest outstanding concern is how

Rising US Interest Rates Won’t Trigger Another Asian Financial Crisis

SINGAPORE:- Hawkish shifts in the US Federal Reserve’s monetary policy have often led to heightened financial and economic stress in

The Coming Taiwan Crisis

CLAREMONT, CALIFORNIA:- US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s arrival in Taiwan has incited a predictably strong response from China.

Yes, the US Economy Is Likely in Recession

CAMBRIDGE:- The latest figures from the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) show that the US economy has experienced two consecutive

The New Geopolitics

LOS ANGELES:- Recent crises highlight the need for fresh thinking about geopolitics, especially in the West, and nowhere more so

Can Humanity Handle the Heat?

MICHAEL R. BLOOMBERG The most important thing we can do to protect people from increasingly dangerous heat waves is to

Leaked Data Show China’s Population Is Shrinking Fast

MADISON, WISCONSIN:- Even though everyone knows that China’s official demographic figures are systematically overestimated, the authorities have consistently cracked down

How to Beat Developing-Market Debt Crises

CAIRO:- Since the Latin American debt crisis of the 1980s, sovereign-debt crises have become a regular occurrence for emerging and

As the World Burns

It is often said that no one wins a war, just that some lose less than others. Russia’s war against

Sri Lanka’s Next Test

WASHINGTON, DC:- In a win for democracy, mass protests in Sri Lanka recently led to the resignation of President Gotabaya

Rate Hikes Alone Won’t Curb Inflation

As inflation in the United States reaches new heights, economists are debating how high the Federal Reserve will need to

The Golden Arches Go to War

WASHINGTON, DC, NEW HAVEN:- In the wake of the Cold War, as globalization gathered speed, Thomas Friedman observed that no

The Necessity of Territorial Integrity

After World War II, global diplomatic efforts sought to create a new international order that would prevent the world from

Is the US in Recession?

On July 28, the United States Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) will release its advance estimate of second-quarter GDP growth.

The Varieties of Climate-Driven Medical Risk

When natural disasters force people to pack a bag and flee to safety, important items are often forgotten. Following California’s

Talking Peace in Ukraine

The Ukraine war is being fought both on the battlefield and in the broader geopolitical context. And Russia seems to