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EXPLAINER: Why India is shattering global infection records

By ANIRUDDHA GHOSAL and KRUTIKA PATHI, NEW DELHI (AP) — The world’s fastest pace of spreading infections and the highest

Can Multilateral Cooperation Coexist with Great-Power Rivalry?

Apr 21, 2021, KEMAL DERVIŞ, SEBASTIÁN STRAUSS, WASHINGTON, DC – Three important recent initiatives from US President Joe Biden’s administration

Productivity After the Pandemic

Apr 20, 2021, LAURA TYSON, JAN MISCHKE, BERKELEY – With COVID-19 vaccines being rolled out and supportive fiscal and monetary

The Digital Revolution Is Eating Its Young

Apr 14, 2021, MARK ESPOSITO, LANDRY SIGNÉ , NICHOLAS DAVIS, CAMBRIDGE – As massive online platforms have given rise to

China Still Needs Expansionary Economic Policy

YU YONGDING, BEIJING – The Chinese economy grew by 6.5% in the fourth quarter of 2020, providing a strong indication

The G20’s Missed Opportunity

SHAMSHAD AKHTAR, ULRICH VOLZ, MORITZ KRAEMER, STEPHANY GRIFFITH-JONES, ISLAMABAD – This month, G20 finance ministers agreed to a proposal to

The Geography of Pandemic Effects

Apr 9, 2021,ROBERT MUGGAH, OTTAWA – The COVID-19 pandemic is transforming virtually every aspect of our lives. While causing tremendous loss

Global Financing to End the Pandemic

This week’s spring meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank offer a historic chance for financial cooperation.

The Global Economy’s Uneven Recovery

The chances for a swift, uniform rebound from the COVID-19 crisis have dimmed, and the world economy now faces sharply

Myanmar unrest and Tibetan crisis-instances to prove failed UNO

It is now around seven decades since UNO was founded after the Second World War with much expectations and with

Ensuring a Stronger and Fairer Global Recovery

An old joke about tricky trade-offs asks you to imagine your worst enemy driving over a cliff in your brand-new

The End of the Oil Age

Pessimism has pervaded the oil industry ever since its inception in 1859, when the small town of Titusville, Pennsylvania, became

Changing the Face of Sino-American Relations

The Sino-American relationship is at its lowest point in decades. Following the recent bilateral summit in Alaska – the first

China Is Missing from the Great Inflation Debate

The scale of US President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan (ARP) – $1 trillion in spending for this year, another

America’s Third Reconstruction

America is two cultures in one nation. The first culture brought slavery, the genocide of Native Americans, “Jim Crow” laws

Common factors in Bengal and Tamil Nadu state elections in…

Elections are taking place in five states in India namely Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Kerala, Assam, and Union Territory of

Is Bitcoin Good for Business?

In a recent commentary for the Financial Times, economist Dambisa Moyo makes a case for why business leaders should invest

The Return of German Politics

Angela Merkel’s 16-year reign as German chancellor is coming to an end. Whatever one’s feelings about her, she has put

The Absent Voices of Development Economics

The lack of representation of marginalized groups in the corridors of power – political, financial, and cultural – is a

Agents of Automation

Studies examining how artificial intelligence (AI) and automation will shape our lives – and especially our jobs – in the