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Catholics Against Nukes: Archbishop Wester’s Hiroshima Vigil

In what is a turn-up for the books, a senior voice of the Catholic Church made something of an impression

Google’s Open Letter: Fighting Australia’s News Media Bargaining Code

Tech giants tend to cast thin veils over threats regarding government regulations.  They are also particularly concerned by those more

Russian vaccine: The benefit of the doubt

Finally, Russia has announced the discovery of the Covid-19 vaccine or otherwise known as the sputnik vaccine. The vaccine has

We are giving more than we get from India

After the Government of Nepal released a recent map of Nepal including Limpiyadhura and Lipulekh on 18 May 2020(05 Jestha

Indian Media are making a storm in a teacup

It is really horrifying to look at how Indian Television channels are ruthlessly worsening the historical relations and political ties

Falang Food Dictionary’s word of the year is Reducetarianism

Food has been one of the interesting areas of reporting these days. In-country like Australia, the culinary gossips would take

Extreme Moderation in the Spittoon: Kamala Harris for VP

The Vice Presidency has always gotten a degree of bad press in the US political system. Its ineffectuality is sometimes

Macron Lectures Lebanon: The Condescending Politics of Aid

The explosion in a Beirut portside warehouse containing over 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate on August 4 has done its bit

Kashmir during  Coronavirus

By Adnan Shafi, KASHMIR: Most of the leaders/scholars of the world are confessing the same thing that we may have

Falang English Dictionary’s word of the year is “Covidiot”

MELBOURNE: The act of compiling a dictionary is one of the fascinating and intellectually-daunting tasks for a lexicographer who works

Journey of Lal Bahadur Dhakal (Yogi Shree Shivashaktinath)

By Jyoti Dhakal, KATHMANDU: Late Lal Bahadur Dhakal also is known as Yogi Shree Shivashaktinath is the closest and most

Guru Gorakhnath: At the time of Creation

During the time of Creation, when lord Bishnu was in a deep sleep on the water, a huge flower of

Your love, my métier 

NEWYORK: I am always excited to live with you because you are with me, who listens to me in all


Jammu city, India: Today is a world full of modern technologies due to great development in the field of science.

With The Grace Of Guru Gorakhnath

By Jyoti Dhakal, KATHMANDU:- Shree Shree Mahayogi Guru Gorakhnath is the greatest guru of gurus (teacher or master, who preaches

Russia, Bountiful Hoaxes and The New York Times

There is a delicious irony in the Russia Bounty scandal. The Russians, funding the very entity that was financed, at

324 Congress Members Who Should Permanently Quarantine

The U.S. House of Misrepresentatives on Tuesday voted 324 to 93 (with 13 not voting) to defeat a proposal to

Is COVID-19 A Curse On The Information Technology (IT) Industry?

By Jyoti Dhakal, KATHMANDU:- The coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic has caused huge changes in many industries, and Information Technology (IT)

The U.S. Island

Imagine you’re stranded on a barren rock in the middle of the ocean, nothing in sight but the endless sea.

Bats With Napalm Vests And Other Great American Innovations

Nicholson Baker’s new book, Baseless: My Search for Secrets in the Ruins of the Freedom of Information Act, is staggeringly