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Croatia: When the Victor tries hard to become Loser

The first half of May in Croatia is marked by the anniversaries of two events from the end of the

Crashing Out in Hartlepool: Labour Ills and Teflon Boris

By-election results make poor predictors. The government of the day can often count on a swing against it by irritated

Priti Patel and the Death of Asylum

Nothing makes better sense to the political classes than small time demagoguery when matters turn sour. True, the United Kingdom

Cancelling Art, Dark Mofo and the Offended Classes

Last week, Australians found themselves delighting in another fit of cancel culture, this time in the art world. Tasmania’s Dark

The Rule of Law in times of crisis in Europe…

On the historic date of March 08th – International Women’s Day, a large number of international affairs specialists gathered for

Increasing Nukes and Trimming the Military: Global Britain’s Skewed Vision

Campaigners for the abolition of nuclear weapons had every reason to clink glasses with the coming into force of the

Green Passes and Dark Inequalities: The Push for COVID Immunity…

Sensible, ideal, wonderful – if you happen to be in the European Union. This is the air of confidence surrounding

The US, UK and the EU – Triangle of variable…

On the historic date of March 08th – International Women’s Day, a large number of international affairs specialists gathered for

Brawling over Vaccines: Export Bans and the EU’s Bungled Rollout

The European Union has been keeping up appearances in encouraging the equitable distribution of vaccines to combat SARS-CoV-2 and its

Delusions of Self-Defense: Biden Bombs Syria

Every power worth its portion of salt in the Levant these days seems to be doing it. On February 25,

War Mongering for Artificial Intelligence

The ghost of Edward Teller must have been doing the rounds between members of the National Commission on Artificial Intelligence.

Morons, Vaccines and Tennis: Booing at the Australian Open

It was a fittingly poor conclusion to a tournament that risked being cancelled, run to ground, or even rendered stillborn.

Snap Decisions: Victoria’s Third Lockdown

The Queen Victoria Market in Australia’s second largest city, Melbourne, is usually a thriving affair. Like any ancient agora, people

Two best TV shows to watch in 2021

It wasn’t long ago when the majority of the people used to go to the movies, rent DVDs and watch

Sexual Assault in Canberra

Who knew what? In many cases of sexual assault in politics, events take place behind bolted doors, the perpetrator and

Information Interruptus: Bing, Google and the News Media Bargaining Code

It’s looking a touch quixotic, but the News Media Bargaining Code has become Australia’s weapon of choice in attempting to

China, Papua New Guinea and Australia’s Backyard Blues

Clever diplomacy rarely involves total commitment or unqualified fidelity to any one state. Treacherous waters require careful navigation, an understanding

Going Airborne: Coronavirus and Hotel Quarantine

It has happened again. This time, a diligent worker, having followed all the protocols given to him, had returned a

Cross-generational and cross-sectoral Recovery for the Union: Towards a New…

The first address of the European Commission since the pandemic was one highly anticipated by all the citizens of the

White House Briefings for Children: Jen Psaki Circles Back

The Biden administration’s first White House press secretary is keen that things will be done differently under her guidance. The